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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Getting Unstuck with John Affourtit (Sparkcentral)

getting unstuckGetting unstuck in sales is a very important topic that that comes up with pretty much every A.E. and S.D.R. on the planet. Some folks have a good network of colleagues and managers around them who ask the right tactical questions to support the A.E. in creating momentum, urgency, or some forcing function to help get that deal unstuck. Our friend John Affourtit came on to the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast today to chat specifically about “Getting Unstuck In Sales.” John is currently the Director of Enterprise Sales at Sparkcentral where he sold and manages many of the larger relationships including T-Mobile, Delta Airlines, Netflix, Uber, Nordstrom and Discover Financial. For those that do not know, Sparkcentral is a customer engagement platform for enterprises that unifies social, mobile, cloud and contextual data to proactively deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences. Customer service teams use their software to efficiently handle large amounts of inquiries in a rapid & organized manner. John is one of the most tactical helpers we know and spoke with the Bowery Capital team about everything and anything related to getting unstuck in sales. He first covers the specific categorizations of stuck deals and how to get unstuck. Then he moves on to a concept called a MAP (mutual action plan) that John and his team use to get unstuck. Next he talks about some of the tips and tricks he has learned along the way (unique value selling is one of them) to help get unstuck and finally John talks about some of the major deals I mention above that he has closed and how he has gotten unstuck from the various issues and situations that have come up with those deals. We hope you enjoy another edition of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast.


Mike Brown
Mike Brown

Mike is the Managing Partner at Bowery Capital based in New York. Prior to Bowery Capital, Brown co-founded AOL Ventures and led investments in over 30 companies primarily focused around the next generation of CMO and CTO spend. Before AOL Ventures, Mike worked for the investment arm of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, helping to invest capital in early stage internet startups on behalf of the British entrepreneur. He began his career at Morgan Stanley. Outside of his professional life Brown serves on the Board of Directors of the National Forest Foundation and co-chairs the Columbia College Young Leaders Council. Mike holds an undergraduate degree from Columbia University.