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Establishing a Framework for Customer Success

Establishing a Framework for Customer Success

The Acceleration Team here at Bowery Capital pays close attention to our portfolio companies' early customer success, and for good reason. With the trend of enterprise sales cycles becoming more complex and at times longer, we have seen the continued rise of land-and-expand sales models....

Discussing Customer Success With Prospective Investors

Discussing Customer Success With Prospective Investors

We talked last week about the importance of truly understanding your marketing activation, channels, and spend very early on in the life of your business. At Bowery Capital, we place a focus through our investment process on truly understanding where a founder is going to spend...

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Measuring Customer Health with Allison Metcalfe (LiveRamp)

Last week on the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast, we hosted Allison Metcalfe, VP of Customer Success at LiveRamp, to discuss using cohort analyses for customer health. Allison shared her experience using cohort analyses, amongst other metrics and exercises, to properly track the health of her customers....

Reducing Customer Churn

6 Tips For Reducing Customer Churn from Moz

Last week, we hosted Annette Promes, CMO and Head of Customer Success at Moz, to discuss all things related to customer churn, and came up with some tips for reducing customer churn effectively. Annette has an extensive marketing background, and has worked at several large corporations including Microsoft...

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Meltwater’s 3 Tips For Understanding Customer Turnover

Last week, we had a discussion with Kaveh Rostampor, Executive Director, Americas at Meltwater, on understanding customer turnover, also known as churn. Meltwater is a global leader in media intelligence. It is a Scandinavian “outside insight” company that tracks online news and social media with nearly...

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Unique Angles On Customer Success

I was back in the studio this past week with Whitney Hillyer from Bitly who came on to discuss customer success in a podcast we titled “Unique Angles On Customer Success.” Whitney runs the customer success team at the company and of all the folks...