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Top Tips For Recruiting Recent Grads

Helpful Tips For Recruiting Recent Grads

Though most colleges ended the school year in June, many recent grads who don’t go straight into investment banking, consulting or accounting don’t start actively looking for their first role until August or September. Beyond that, about 35-40% of recent college graduates are moving back...

Common Sales Hire Traits That Are Overvalued

Common Sales Hire Traits That Are Overvalued

What are the most important sales hire traits when adding heads to your sales organization? Many early stage companies tend to over-value qualities that aren’t actually as important as one may think. In fact, many of the skills that early stage companies look for in...

AE-To-VP Promotion

AE-To-VP Promotion Mapping In SaaS

Last week we discussed SDR-To-AE Promotion Mapping in sales, but what happens once someone is in an AE role? The average tenure for an AE according to the Bridge Group sits at 2.4 years, and one of the main reasons that we see people making these...

SDR-To-AE Promotion

SDR-To-AE Promotion Mapping In SaaS

We talk a lot on the Bowery Capital blog about general talent related matters that come up in any early stage company. Things like hitting hiring goals, using external recruiters, and best start dates. Something we have not gone deep on is thinking through promotions....

intelligent recruiting

Software Opportunities In Intelligent Recruiting

Intelligent recruiting has become a holy grail in the software world. Hiring is a pain point everyone has experienced personally. Every company in the world has to hire, so the market is enormous. And most existing solutions just don't cut it: terrible legacy UX / UI, cumbersome workflow, and...

5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

"5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand" by Alex Adamson originally appeared in the Women in Sales' blog on January 16, 2018. It’s practically cool to talk about how busy we are nowadays. As the Director of Talent at Bowery Capital, I have a full workload managing the...