Early Hires of the Internet Native CMO

Early Hires of the Internet Native CMO

July 10, 2019

There was a great article on Monday, “Degree in Engineering Key to Unlocking Doors to Marketing Suite” that made the rounds with many of our friends and advisors. It struck a chord with us given the proximity to our thesis and our belief that the older generation of CMOs are being replaced by the younger, internet native generation of CMOs. While the article didn’t directly speak about it, one of the most interesting things we see today are the hiring practices of the internet native CMOs. If they are getting hired into the next generation of B2B companies, who are they bringing on their teams? We see two categories of people that are being prioritized first, writers and front end developers.

The Writer
Now more than ever before B2B marketers today are focused on the top of the funnel and lead generation for their sales teams. They often times hire writers first to help them develop content to feed their marketing automation machines. Sometimes this is farmed out to contractors or companies like NewsCred but most of the time, if the CMO is serious about content, they hire internal writers.

The Front End Developer
Complimenting the writer is almost always a front end developer. With the increase in available content from the writers, it’s practically a must for a CMO to have a dedicated person on hand to help build email templates, landing pages etc. to promote and capture leads from these new resources. While many folks get away with using their internal engineering team developers. The smartest CMOs we see at emerging B2B have experienced and learned from the bottlenecks and pains, and know they need a dedicated resource for themselves.

As the article talks about, we also see a number of quant folks as the first hire, but usually the internet native CMO is so programmed with data collection and analysis that they do this themselves. In the past CMOs hired their assistant first and then likely a VP of Brand or someone to help with trade shows and designing print campaigns. Today is very different and the tactics have shifted noticeably, and we are starting to see real change in the hiring tactics of the internet native CMO.

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