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BC Startup Sales Podcast – 5 Steps To Sales Emails That Convert with Heather Morgan (SalesFolk)

Sales Emails - Heather Morgan (SalesFolk)Heather Morgan, CEO of SalesFolk, joined us in the Bowery Capital studio this week to share her “5 Steps To Sales Emails That Convert.” SalesFolk helps B2B companies refine their sales messaging, enabling clients to increase response rates to cold emails by as much as 10x, netting them faster sales cycles and more customers. In this episode, Heather lays out a five-step framework for crafting better-performing sales messaging for your startup and institutionalizing their use in a fast-growing sales team.


Heather founded SalesFolk 3 years ago and has since helped a who’s who of SaaS startups optimize their sales messaging, including Lyft, KissMetrics, Bluenose and Box. She previously led business development at Tamatem, a mobile gaming company backed by 500 Startups. She is also an economist by training, having worked with various organizations including the World Bank. Her writing portfolio is impressive: Heather has been freelance writing for over 7 years and is a published author with Oxford University Press amongst others. She’s written at least one cold email a day for the last 10 years, and over her career has helped 200+ companies refine 10,000+ cold sales emails. If you’re interested in SalesFolk’s expertise, check out their Email Mastery Course, which takes the full deep dive through video, PDFs, and private webinars.

According to Heather, the gap between the best and worst sales teams is growing in part because people mistake the plethora of new sales automation tools and practices as a substitute for doing the necessary homework: buyer research, list building, list validation, and thoughtful copywriting. Many sales teams are working off the same ineffective, legacy templates that have proliferated for decades. Most, more importantly, don’t emphasize the conscientiousness that’s critical in getting leads to respond. As a result, most sales emails go straight in the trash bin, or worse yet, a spam filter or blacklist.

In today’s episode, Heather shares her five-step framework for crafting compelling sales email copy and her secrets to effective buyer profiling, multi-touch campaigning, and email process best practices. Until next week, happy listening!


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