We Have A Concentrated Approach To Portfolio Value-Add

Over our 50 years of collective experience growing business software, hardware, and marketplace companies, we have found that sales, marketing and customer success issues are the most common impediments to successful go-to-market. Our Acceleration Team aims to help our companies with exactly that, by offering focused support across Growth, Business Development, and Talent. We track our success across these three key support functions and hold quarterly business reviews with each portfolio company to ensure their happiness with our offerings.

Business Development

We introduce our founders to prospective customers.

The number one thing all founders want is customers. We are laser-focused on providing our founders with the right prospective customer introductions at the right time.

Drawing on our network of over 5,000 IT buyers, we contribute to our portfolio companies’ qualified pipeline on a weekly basis. We continually grow this network to maximize market access across sectors and maximize opportunities for revenue expansion.


We set up our companies’ initial growth systems.

Best-of-breed sales, marketing and customers success operations must begin with a robust software infrastructure to enable efficiency and visibility. From lead qualification to sales frameworks to customer health indices, processes are equally important.

We not only help founders decide on the best tools and tactics, but also get them up and running, leveraging both in-house expertise and preferred partnerships. To date, our Growth engine has helped portfolio companies save 1,500 hours on setting up sales, marketing, and customer success infrastructure.


We help our founders hire top talent.

Hiring great talent requires more than just brokering handshakes. We help our portfolio companies every step of the way by advising them on who to hire, when to hire, and how to hire the best business talent in the industry.

Our human capital expertise is full-stack: from headcount planning, spec creation, sourcing and interviewing, to onboarding, compensation, training, development and retention. To date, our Talent engine has helped portfolio companies hire 50 people into sales, marketing, and customer success roles.

What We're Hearing

"Bowery Capital found and closed our first sales hire. He was exactly what we needed in the role and is an invaluable asset to our revenue engine."

Puneet Mehta

"Bowery has worked closely with all of our hiring managers to make sure that we have consistent hiring criteria and standards for everyone that joins the TrackMaven team."

Tim Koubek
President & CRO, TrackMaven

"The Bowery team helped me with the go-to-market strategy, and then backed it up with relevant introductions, positioning and sales collateral. We've moved faster and closed more deals as a result of this partnership."

Ryan Denehy
CEO, Electric

"Bowery supports our executives from the very beginning on everything from market sizing projects, to sales/revenue modeling and even helped us evaluate sales/marketing automation solutions."

Mike Simmons
CEO, CredSimple

"The Bowery team was a lead generation machine in the first year of our operation. I can attribute six figure deals with companies like iHeartMedia and SeatGeek to their system and support.”

Michael Katz
CEO, mParticle

“One of the biggest challenges in early stage sales is navigating the IT buying cycle and knowing how to get big deals ‘unstuck.’ Bowery helped us navigate this in the early days which went a very long way.”

Drew McElroy
CEO, Transfix