Our Strategy

We are a strategic capital partner, taking a thesis-driven approach to investing.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the shift happening towards next generation business software is the greatest area of value creation in technology history. Driven by the prominence of internet natives, large-scale digital transformation, new and expanding software budgets, and an increasing demand for software by laggard industries, we attempt to be at the forefront of this shift. We succeed when the entrepreneurs we invest in change the way businesses operate for the better.

We are a venture capital firm with offices in New York and San Francisco. We believe a thesis-driven investment strategy and a hands-on approach to working with our founders is the best way to generate outsized returns for the foundations, endowments, and fund of funds that support us. We raise modestly-sized funds and practice a disciplined asset allocation strategy. This allow us to roll up our sleeves with our founders and get things done. We specialize in go-to-market strategy and early talent acquisition centrally focused on the revenue lines of a company.