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Investing in B2B Marketplaces: Sarah Tavel (Benchmark)

The Bowery Capital team is embarking on a blog series covering B2B Marketplaces. We are doing deep dives on various companies, interviewing founders and investors, and learning what it takes to build success in the B2B Marketplace arena. This week, Sarah Tavel, General Partner at Benchmark Capital, answers some of our questions. You can read all of the posts in our series by going here.

January 19, 2021 Read More

The 2020 Startup Sales Stack Report

We’re pleased to announce the Bowery Capital 2020 Startup Sales Stack Report! This report is meant to serve as a guiding framework for anyone evaluating sales solutions. Whether sales, marketing, customer success or management, if you’re thinking of using or buying software to optimize customer…

December 1, 2020 Read More

Diversity in Entrepreneurship: Blog Series Intro

The topic of diversity continues to be top of mind for us at Bowery. Firmwide, we’ve tried to keep ourselves honest by being transparent about the gender composition of our team, advisors, and major event speakers. But diversity is so much more than gender. If…

November 16, 2020 Read More