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Meet the founders who are modernizing business through technology.

ActionIQ logo

ActionIQ is building the next generation of Enterprise Intelligence Systems, utilizing cutting edge distributed systems & UI technologies.

Alchemy logo

Alchemy is building next generation software to accelerate formula development, sales, and service delivery in the specialty chemicals industry.

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Allspice logo

AllSpice is a hardware collaboration platform inspired by software development principles. It integrates with engineering tools to provide a central hub for collaboration.

Andros logo

Andros is a medical credentialing company that transforms how healthcare companies credential and maintain their provider network.

Block Six Analytics logo Background for exited text Exited

Block Six Analytics is seeking to maximize revenue for buyers and sellers of sports sponsorship using technology and analytics. The company sold to Excel Sports Management in 2021.

Castiron logo

Castiron elevates how independent kitchen-based creators interact with their customers. Creators use Castiron as a central hub to sell their products and grow their businesses.

Cerby logo

Cerby is an access management platform for applications that don't work with identity providers.

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Codecademy logo Background for exited text Exited

Codecademy is an education software company focused on teaching the world how to code. The company sold to Skillsoft ($SKIL) in 2022.

Drawbridge Networks logo Background for exited text Exited

Drawbridge Networks provides a dynamic micro-segmentation solution that combats lateralized attacks inside of enterprise networks. The company sold to OPAQ Networks in 2017.

Electric AI logo

Electric AI provides an automated, intelligent IT support channel for small and medium businesses.

Elevate logo

Elevate is a modern consumer benefits platform to make FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, Commuter, and more easier for employees and their families.

ePallet logo

ePallet is a marketplace and logistics platform that allows manufacturers to sell direct to pallet-quantity buyers efficiently.

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Fero Labs logo

Fero Labs is building an automated machine learning platform for the industrial sector.

FruitScout logo

FruitScout builds mobile-based crop load management software for the agriculture sector.

GoExpedi logo

GoExpedi is a digital platform for the procurement of Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies (MRO) in industrial sectors.

GraphiteRx logo

GraphiteRx is a marketplace that makes it easier for pharmacies and clinics to procure medications in a simpler, more cost-effective manner.

Incentiv logo

Incentiv is a next-generation data platform that offers executive compensation benchmarking and talent management solutions to investment firms and private companies.

Inpher logo

Inpher has developed technology to enable secure search and advanced analytics on encrypted data.

InterPrice logo

InterPrice is a platform that enables corporations to have direct access to their cost of capital at any time and streamlines their communication with financing partners.

Klir logo

Klir builds compliance management software for the water utility industry.

Leapfin logo

Leapfin is focused on consolidating fragmented financial data into a digitized, specific single source of truth.

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Metricly logo Background for exited text Exited

Metricly is focused on replacing human guesswork with behavioral learning technology to automate cloud monitoring and IT performance analysis. The company sold to Virtual Instruments in 2019.

Moat logo Background for exited text Exited

Moat is a digital marketing intelligence tool for brands, publishers, agencies, and the entire advertising technology ecosystem. The company sold to Oracle ($ORCL) in 2017.

mParticle logo

mParticle enables mobile application owners and developers to control their data assets.

Nemedio logo

Nemedio is providing the framework, tools, knowledge, and connections to go from prototype to market for traditional, high-tech, and robotic medical devices.

Netomi logo

Netomi enables brands to leverage artificial intelligence for conversational commerce.

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Oncue logo

Oncue is an end-to-end booking platform that helps moving companies book more moves, and generate more revenue faster.

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Outlaw logo Background for exited text Exited

Outlaw is an end-to-end contract platform that reinvents the legal process, from document generation to cloud-based negotiation & eSigning. The company sold to Filevine in 2021.

Pantomath logo

Pantomath is a data pipeline observability and traceability platform for automating data operations.

Performica logo

Performica helps customers increase retention of key personnel, engagement and performance, as well as manage disruptive organizational change.

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Premise logo

Premise is building a global network to track macroeconomic and human development trends in real time.

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Quotebeam logo

Quotebeam streamlines industrial parts procurement with data-driven process automation, allowing engineering and procurement teams to prioritize innovation over manual tasks.

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Reibus logo

Reibus is an online marketplace for industrial materials bringing efficiency and flexibility to industrial supply chains.

Sailthru logo Background for exited text Exited

Sailthru is transforming how businesses build relationships with consumers in real time. The company sold to Campaign Monitor in 2019.

Select Star logo

Select Star is building an intelligent data discovery platform that helps you understand your data.

Bay Area
Selfie Networks logo

Selfie Networks focuses on commercializing research on net neutrality and network personalization.

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ShiftOne logo

ShiftOne is a learning management system focused on driving ROI from front line employees in the restaurant, hospitality, and retail spaces.

Solve logo
Solve is a New York, NY based internal data platform that helps companies manage, unify and operationalize their data in-house.
Spectinga logo

Spectinga is an online marketplace for agricultural and construction equipment dealers.

StayTuned logo

StayTuned empowers D2C e-commerce brands to send transactional notifications using interactive messaging channels.

StreetCred logo Background for exited text Exited

StreetCred is a decentralized marketplace that enables the collection, verification, and distribution of location data for places people care about. The company sold to Snapchat ($SNAP) in 2021.

Stork Club logo

Stork Club provides enterprise-ready family benefits for self-funded employers.

Bay Area
SupplyShift logo Background for exited text Exited

SupplyShift provides visibility, collaboration, benchmarking, and risk management tools to enable large companies to better manage their supply chain networks. The company sold to Sphera in 2024.

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Transfix logo

Transfix is a trucking marketplace and software company that seeks to automate the long haul freight brokerage business.

VNDLY logo Background for exited text Exited

VNDLY is a Cincinnati based platform and marketplace designed to help hiring managers and vendor account management teams come together. The company sold to Workday ($WDAY) in 2021.

Voxy logo

Voxy is a learning management system that provides institutions with an adaptive, dynamic curriculum and personalized instruction.

Wholesail logo

Wholesail is a technology startup that builds software to connect wholesalers and their buyers.

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Wizeline logo Background for exited text Exited

Wizeline is a insights and optimization company whose suite of products helps companies increase product engagement. The company sold to Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) in 2021.

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Worklytics logo

Worklytics is a SaaS platform for people analytics and HR leaders to help them analyze and improve the employee experience.