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Meet the founders who are modernizing business through technology.

Block Six Analytics logo Background for exited text Exited

Block Six Analytics is seeking to maximize revenue for buyers and sellers of sports sponsorship using technology and analytics. The company sold to Excel Sports Management in 2021.

ePallet logo

ePallet is a marketplace and logistics platform that allows manufacturers to sell direct to pallet-quantity buyers efficiently.

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GoExpedi logo

GoExpedi is a digital platform for the procurement of Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies (MRO) in industrial sectors.

GraphiteRx logo

GraphiteRx is a marketplace that makes it easier for pharmacies and clinics to procure medications in a simpler, more cost-effective manner.

Quotebeam logo

Quotebeam streamlines industrial parts procurement with data-driven process automation, allowing engineering and procurement teams to prioritize innovation over manual tasks.

Bay Area
Reibus logo

Reibus is an online marketplace for industrial materials bringing efficiency and flexibility to industrial supply chains.

Spectinga logo

Spectinga is an online marketplace for agricultural and construction equipment dealers.

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StreetCred is a decentralized marketplace that enables the collection, verification, and distribution of location data for places people care about. The company sold to Snapchat ($SNAP) in 2021.

Transfix logo

Transfix is a trucking marketplace and software company that seeks to automate the long haul freight brokerage business.

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VNDLY is a Cincinnati based platform and marketplace designed to help hiring managers and vendor account management teams come together. The company sold to Workday ($WDAY) in 2021.