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Alchemy logo


12 jobs

Alchemy is a San Francisco, CA based company building next generation software to accelerate formula development, sales, and service delivery in the specialty chemicals industry.

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Cerby logo


4 jobs

Cerby is a San Francisco, CA based company that helps enterprises manage their corporate identity in social media.

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Codecademy logo


18 jobs

Codecademy is a New York, NY based education software company focused on teaching the world how to code.

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Electric AI logo

Electric AI

43 jobs

Electric AI is a New York, NY based software business that provides an automated, intelligent IT support channel for small and medium businesses.

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GoExpedi logo


21 jobs

GoExpedi is a Houston, TX based digital platform for the procurement of Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies (MRO) in industrial sectors.

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GraphiteRx logo


1 jobs

GraphiteRx is a Nashville, TN based modern pharmacy marketplace platform that makes it easier for pharmacies and clinics to procure medications in a simpler, more cost-effective manner.

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Klir logo


14 jobs

Klir is a Toronto, Canada based company that builds compliance management software for the water utility industry.

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Leapfin logo


6 jobs

Leapfin is a San Francisco, CA based software company focused on consolidating fragmented financial data into a digitized, specific single source of truth.

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mParticle logo


29 jobs

mParticle is a New York, NY based data platform that enables mobile application owners and developers to control their data assets.

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Netomi logo


38 jobs

Netomi is a San Francisco, CA based software company that enables brands to leverage artificial intelligence for conversational commerce.

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Oncue logo


6 jobs

Oncue is a San Francisco, CA based end-to-end booking platform that helps moving companies book more moves, and generate more revenue faster.

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Oomnitza logo


15 jobs

Oomnitza is a San Francisco, CA based mobile first software and hardware asset management system.

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Premise logo


49 jobs

Premise is a San Francisco, CA based technology company building a global network to track macroeconomic and human development trends in real time.

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Reibus logo


32 jobs

Reibus is an Atlanta, GA based online marketplace for industrial materials bringing efficiency and flexibility to industrial supply chains.

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SupplyShift logo


3 jobs

SupplyShift is a Santa Cruz, CA based software platform that provides visibility, collaboration, benchmarking, and risk management tools to enable large companies to better manage their supply chain networks.

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Transfix logo


33 jobs

Transfix is a New York, NY based trucking marketplace and software company that seeks to automate the long haul freight brokerage business.

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VNDLY logo


8 jobs

VNDLY is a Cincinnati, OH based technology platform and marketplace designed to help hiring managers and vendor account management teams come together. Acquired by Workday in 2021 for $510MM.

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Voxy logo


14 jobs

Voxy is a New York, NY based learning management system that provides institutions with an adaptive, dynamic curriculum and personalized instruction.

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Wizeline logo


155 jobs

Wizeline is a San Francisco, CA based insights and optimization company whose suite of products helps companies increase product engagement. Acquired by CDPQ (Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec) in 2021 for $550M

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Zeus Living logo

Zeus Living

28 jobs

Zeus Living is a San Francisco, CA based marketplace focused on helping corporations find the easiest way to rent furnished housing.

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