Allison pickens

Allison Pickens

Revenue Council

Alison Pickens is the Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight. Pickens joined Gainsight in January 2014 as Chief of Staff and quickly advanced to leading Business Development, Operations, and Customer Success. She has been running all post-sales functions, including Customer Success, Services, Support, Customer Marketing, and Operations. Widely regarded as a thought leader in Customer Success, Pickens has built Gainsight’s best practices for Customer Success both with her team and through her work with clients over the last three years. Pickens has scaled and unified Gainsight’s post-sales organization to create a holistic customer experience, and through that experience, shares her insights with other companies building high-performing Customer Success practices within their organizations. She is a sought-after speaker and has a highly trafficked blog on Customer Success. Upon joining Gainsight, Pickens brought a wealth of experience working with enterprise companies during her time at Boston Consulting Group, where she developed business transformation strategies with Fortune 500 companies, a skill she now brings to her work at Gainsight in operationalizing Customer Success with her clients. Distinctive to her approach is her background in investing, having spent two years working in Private Equity at Bain Capital. Pickens was named one of “50 People You Should Know In Sales and Business Development” by TradeCraft.