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impacts of AI nationalism on semiconductors

Impacts Of AI Nationalism On Semiconductors

Building off of my ongoing discussion on the implications of AI Nationalism, one important topic is the relationship between AI Nationalism and a new concept which can loosely be defined as semiconductor isolationism or semiconductor nationalism. The impacts of AI nationalism on semiconductors is something...

Discussing Customer Success With Prospective Investors

Discussing Customer Success With Prospective Investors

We talked last week about the importance of truly understanding your marketing activation, channels, and spend very early on in the life of your business. At Bowery Capital, we place a focus through our investment process on truly understanding where a founder is going to spend...

AI policy

AI Policy Frameworks We Are Seeing Today

We have talked a bunch on the Bowery Capital blog about AI Nationalism and various elements of AI including ethical challenges, AI country differences, and AI impacts on the B2B ecosystem. Issues concerning AI policy primarily revolve around the analysis of societal decision-making, with important questions...

Common Sales Hire Traits That Are Overvalued

Common Sales Hire Traits That Are Overvalued

What are the most important sales hire traits when adding heads to your sales organization? Many early stage companies tend to over-value qualities that aren’t actually as important as one may think. In fact, many of the skills that early stage companies look for in...

technology isolation within AI Nationalism

Technology Isolation Within AI Nationalism

As the AI arms race heats up between the worlds two largest economies there are reverberating effects in the global technology industry and government technology policy. Relative to our concept on AI Nationalism that I have talked about in prior posts, we have recently seen...

AI ethical challenges

AI Ethical Challenges May Drive Isolationistic AI Bias

AI ethical challenges and isolationistic AI bias are one of the main challenge areas as I continue to think about AI Nationalism and the impending AI arms race. We have talked in a prior post about the concept of AI Nationalism. The theory being that AI policy... foundry event

Notes From The NYC SAP.iO Foundry Event

Last night we had the opportunity to spend some time at the new SAP offices in NYC to celebrate the launch of the first SAP.iO Foundry Cohort in New York focusing on women-led enterprise technology startups. As many who read this blog know we announced a...

4 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Enterprises

4 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Enterprises

“AI”, or Artificial Intelligence, perhaps the tech buzzword of the decade, has become a household term with significant stigma. The inflated and often misused mention of AI has painted a dystopian vision that industries will soon be dominated by a network of soulless robots. However,...

AE-To-VP Promotion

AE-To-VP Promotion Mapping In SaaS

Last week we discussed SDR-To-AE Promotion Mapping in sales, but what happens once someone is in an AE role? The average tenure for an AE according to the Bridge Group sits at 2.4 years, and one of the main reasons that we see people making these...

AI Nationalism

AI Nationalism & The Fight To Win The AI Wars

AI Nationalism is a concept that I have been thinking a fair amount about these days as principal investors in the machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystems. With many companies in our portfolio focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence, I spend time thinking...

Quantum Future

Quantum Future

A quantum future is approaching at a breakneck speed and might play a role in your daily life sooner than you think. Recent estimates by Microsoft predict a commercially relevant quantum computer to be available within five years and given the enormous potential of quantum...

Edge Computing Network

4 Impacts Of The Growth Of Edge Computing

The trending buzzword in the computing ecosystem is edge computing - a set of emerging technologies that can handle computations, applications and user services to devices on the “edge” of the cloud network, rather than at the core. But this concept is not entirely novel;...

b2b unicorns

How You Stack Up Against The B2B Unicorns

Over the past two decades, there has been an influx of mega-successful business-to-business (B2B) companies. Much of this landscape, but not all, can be attributed to the advent of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service based businesses. As the B2B landscape experiences tremendous growth, it is important...

SDR-To-AE Promotion

SDR-To-AE Promotion Mapping In SaaS

We talk a lot on the Bowery Capital blog about general talent related matters that come up in any early stage company. Things like hitting hiring goals, using external recruiters, and best start dates. Something we have not gone deep on is thinking through promotions....

intelligent recruiting

Software Opportunities In Intelligent Recruiting

Intelligent recruiting has become a holy grail in the software world. Hiring is a pain point everyone has experienced personally. Every company in the world has to hire, so the market is enormous. And most existing solutions just don't cut it: terrible legacy UX / UI, cumbersome workflow, and...

industries quantum computing will redefine

5 Industries Quantum Computing Will Redefine

We spend a lot of time here at Bowery Capital thinking about the future. Quantum computers are one of the next technological revolutions, in our opinion, and we believe there are several industries quantum computing will redefine. This new, seemingly mystical, kind of computing promises...


Growth Of The NYC SaaS Ecosystem

Over the last decade, Software-as-a-Service companies have been rapidly expanding in the NYC market. In both investment volume and number of rounds, NYC has surpassed all other geographies (including the bay area) in percentage growth of new nationwide SaaS deals. At Bowery Capital, our primary investment focus...

opportunities in blockchain

Beyond Fintech: Startup Opportunities In Blockchain

Everyone continues to spar over the future of blockchain. Investors continue to debate bitcoin’s rise or demise. Banks are focused on the decentralized network underpinning bitcoin. Financial conglomerates pour cash into promising startups: Chain, Digital Asset Holdings, and Coinbase. The myriad of upcoming ICOs all...

Mulesoft Joining Salesforce

Thoughts On Mulesoft Joining The Salesforce Ohana

Unless you were living under a rock in the land of SaaS, yesterday's news about Mulesoft joining Salesforce for an enterprise value of roughly $6.5B was huge for the industry. The deal is the largest by a long shot in the ecosystem as laid out by...

subtle insights from the stack overflow survey

Subtle Insights From The Stack Overflow Survey

Every year since 2011, Stack Overflow has been putting out a wonderful survey on the state of the developer community. The 2018 edition came out recently and it did not disappoint. Over 100,000 developers responded to the survey and a lot of people have done...

overcoming sales objections

Overcoming Common Sales Objections

Overcoming sales objections is tough in early stage companies. You hear the lines over and over again and believe your product is best in market. "We love your platform and see the value, but don't have any budget this year." You know you have what it takes...

Beat the Sunday Scaries

4 Ways To Beat The Sunday Scaries

Friday afternoon rolls around and you’re relieved to finally get out of work and enjoy the weekend. But just like that, you open your eyes Sunday morning and the anxiety of the upcoming work week starts to creep in. That sinking hole-in-your-stomach feeling has been...

devops pricing strategies

DevOps Pricing Strategies That Ensure Success

We’ve talked about product pricing a bunch on the Bowery Capital blog but never in the context of devops. DevOps pricing is one of the more interesting elements of the entire infrastructure ecosystem pricing. With such a high emphasis on inbound marketing to drive leads...

emerging trends in saas

3 Emerging Trends We Are Observing In SaaS

According to Statista, the global SaaS market is projected for 2018 to reach $71.2 billion. It is becoming increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to invent novel and useful tools as competition increases and the market expands wider. For example, the marketing technology ecosystem now consists of...

brick & mortar IT challenges

2018 Brick & Mortar IT Challenges

Many companies in the Bowery Capital portfolio sell into what we commonly call the traditional brick and mortar industries. Businesses like ActionIQ, MomentSnap, and mParticle power major components of the IT stack for brick and mortar businesses such as J Crew, Darden Restaurants, and Kroger....

project #movingforward

Announcing Our Involvement In Project #MovingForward

In Celebration of International Women’s Day 2018, Bowery Capital is proud to announce our participation in Project #MovingForward. Project #MovingForward is an open-source directory that pools diversity, inclusion, and anti-harassment commitments from VCs. Participating VCs include Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, First Round Capital and over 50...

code of conduct

Bowery Capital Code Of Conduct

Bowery Capital cares deeply about harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We memorialize this code of conduct here to ensure that individuals interacting with our firm understand how we act. Everyone engaging with Bowery Capital — including employees, entrepreneurs, customers, limited partners, and service providers...

Notes From Our Annual General Meeting

Notes From Our Annual General Meeting

Once a year at Bowery Capital, we bring together our founders, investors (Limited Partners), advisors, and friends for a day of learning and understanding. We call it an Annual General Meeting (AGM) but it is always more than that. A lot of great people have contributed...

better board meetings

Unconventional Tips For Better Board Meetings

Everyone has been there before. Your SaaS company has grown so much that board meetings have become bored meetings. They are now seven hours long with multiple investor classes and a lot of people with unique voices in the room. The deck is one hundred...

2018 Martech Trends

2018 Martech Trends From Our Perspective

A sizable component of our thesis here at Bowery Capital focuses around the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the money that they spend on technology. We continue to believe that this is an incredible area to invest and still represents one of the best opportunities...

managing proof of concepts

Landing & Managing Proof Of Concepts

At Bowery Capital, a fair number of our SaaS investments focus on landing large contracts with Fortune 500 customers. High revenue, great logos, and excited prospects are juxtaposed by long sales cycles, multi-stakeholder discussions, and epic procurement battles. Often times in the beginning, founders struggle...

Three Cybersecurity Trends Ripe For Growth In 2018

3 Cybersecurity Trends Ripe For Growth In 2018

Since 2004, the global cybersecurity market has grown 35x from $3.5 billion to roughly $120 billion in 2017 according to research conducted by Cybersecurity Ventures. Ubiquitous cyber threats, stringent government regulation and high-profile hacks to enterprises like Yahoo and Equifax continue to catapult cybersecurity to...

5 Quick Tips When Selling Your Company

5 Quick Tips When Selling Your Company

Having been through a number of M&A transactions here at Bowery Capital, one of the more important things that we find entrepreneurs discount is the time and intricacies of the signing and closing process. Founders are excited that their company is about to sell and...

5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

"5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand" by Alex Adamson originally appeared in the Women in Sales' blog on January 16, 2018. It’s practically cool to talk about how busy we are nowadays. As the Director of Talent at Bowery Capital, I have a full workload managing the...