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red herrings in early stage

Common Red Herrings In Early Stage Companies

Red herrings. Not the prospectus and not the fish. For the uninformed, we're talking about  something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue. You find red herrings in early stage companies all the time  and they can sometimes kill your company. What...

Key Steps for Interview Prep

The 6 Key Steps for Interview Prep

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden started each season by teaching his team one fundamental lesson: how to properly put on their socks and shoes. The basic premise of this was to solidify one of his favorite mantras, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” The...

Ideas For Startups Selling To Hospitals

Ideas For Startups Selling To Hospitals

While the enterprise sales process is challenging regardless of industry, these challenges are all the more difficult when it comes to healthcare, which is why we’re outlining a few ideas for startups selling to hospitals. Firstly, why is healthcare particularly challenging to sell into? Perhaps most... foundry event

Notes From The NYC SAP.iO Foundry Event

Last night we had the opportunity to spend some time at the new SAP offices in NYC to celebrate the launch of the first SAP.iO Foundry Cohort in New York focusing on women-led enterprise technology startups. As many who read this blog know we announced a...

AE Promotion

AE Promotion Mapping In SaaS

Last week we discussed SDR-To-AE Promotion Mapping in sales, but what happens once someone is in an AE role? The average tenure for an AE according to the Bridge Group sits at 2.4 years, and one of the main reasons that we see people making these...

SDR-To-AE Promotion

SDR-To-AE Promotion Mapping In SaaS

We talk a lot on the Bowery Capital blog about general talent related matters that come up in any early stage company. Things like hitting hiring goals, using external recruiters, and best start dates. Something we have not gone deep on is thinking through promotions....

overcoming sales objections

Overcoming Common Sales Objections

Overcoming sales objections is tough in early stage companies. You hear the lines over and over again and believe your product is best in market. "We love your platform and see the value, but don't have any budget this year." You know you have what it takes...

Beat the Sunday Scaries

4 Ways To Beat The Sunday Scaries

Friday afternoon rolls around and you’re relieved to finally get out of work and enjoy the weekend. But just like that, you open your eyes Sunday morning and the anxiety of the upcoming work week starts to creep in. That sinking hole-in-your-stomach feeling has been...

devops pricing strategies

DevOps Pricing Strategies That Ensure Success

We’ve talked about product pricing a bunch on the Bowery Capital blog but never in the context of devops. DevOps pricing is one of the more interesting elements of the entire infrastructure ecosystem pricing. With such a high emphasis on inbound marketing to drive leads...

managing proof of concepts

Landing & Managing Proof Of Concepts

At Bowery Capital, a fair number of our SaaS investments focus on landing large contracts with Fortune 500 customers. High revenue, great logos, and excited prospects are juxtaposed by long sales cycles, multi-stakeholder discussions, and epic procurement battles. Often times in the beginning, founders struggle...

5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

"5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand" by Alex Adamson originally appeared in the Women in Sales' blog on January 16, 2018. It’s practically cool to talk about how busy we are nowadays. As the Director of Talent at Bowery Capital, I have a full workload managing the...