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Announcing Our Investment In Pantomath

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May 17, 2022
New Investment Pantomath

Last week, Cincinnati Business Courier and their Cincy Inno publication put out a great article that featured Bowery Capital's newest investment, Pantomath. You can read more about the company origins, Founder & CEO Somesh Saxena's prior background, and some details on where he is taking the company in the article here. We're excited to be involved in the business and include some details below on this latest Bowery Capital investment.


While started this year, Pantomath has been brewing in the mind of Somesh Saxena for some time. He was formerly a technical product manager at General Electric in their Aviation division with a focus on managing GE Aviation's data pipelines. At GE Aviation, Somesh led all data management programs and managed the 100+ person organization focused on data management for the company. His experience building, buying, and managing the flow from source system to reporting gave him some unique insights into data problems and issues that come up working with data teams. Somesh is joined by a group of engineers with experience managing complex data pipelines at companies like Axcess Financial, Kroger, and Atos.


Pantomath is building a data observability and traceability platform for supporting end-to-end data operations across complex data ecosystems with three main goals in mind. First, improving data uptime & availability. Second, increasing productivity for enterprises with fewer operations fire drills. Third, offering cost saving opportunities with reduced operational support needs. The major focus of the company is to assist data teams with instant detection of operational challenges through real-time alerts. Teams can troubleshoot data issues with a single-view into the connected pipeline across several data verticals. This helps in quickly identifying the root-cause of an issue and resolving it with the ability to test and run the entire data pipeline at the click of a button.


Most solutions only focus on part of the data pipeline across the data management puzzle and don't get granular enough to move the needle on resolution. Without Pantomath, data teams will still have pipeline failures and long resolution times. This results in data availability issues leading to a lack of trust in data as well as lost productivity across the enterprise. Another key differentiator is that unlike other solutions that focus more on data quality and anomaly detection, Pantomath is taking the automated data operations approach towards solving the problem. The automation piece, while small, is critical and a major advancement relative to existing solutions in market.


Pantomath is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.