Bowery Capital Fellowship & Our Alumni Network In VC

Bowery Capital Fellowship & Our Alumni Network In VC

July 25, 2022

At Bowery Capital, we run a fall, spring, and summer fellowship program. You can read more about the program in various blog posts below. After running this for almost 10 years, we have witnessed an increasing number of our alumni entering into venture capital. The current count is 20 people, making up 22% of all alumni that have come through the doors of Bowery Capital. We include the list below so individuals can see the impact of the program.

Alex Yagoda @ Future Positive Capital

Amman Bhasin @ PayPal Ventures

Burke Brown @ Invicta Growth

Charles Yu @ Bling Capital

Imraan Ahmed @ Armory Square Ventures

Jackson Feder @ Metaprop

Jake Kupperman @ Revel Partners

Jerrod Hill @ Audible (Ventures team)

Joseph Lissak @ Olive Tree Capital

Jules Schwerin @ RTP Global

Kevin Zhang @ Bain Capital Ventures

Meghan Cross @ Amplifyher Ventures

Meha Patel @ 645 Ventures

Nik Nayar @ Andreessen Horowitz

Paris Heymann @ Index Ventures

Priya Purewal @ Smash Capital

Rick Zullo @ Equal Ventures

Sidarth Singh @ Trimer Capital

Sri Bhamidipati @ Empros Capital

Zak Schwarzman @ Metaprop

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