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Michael Brown

January 05, 2017
Bowery Capital

We’re very excited to announce that Bowery Capital has officially launched. We are early-stage investors focused on backing exceptional founders building companies that transform the way corporations spend on marketing (CMO) and technology (CTO). We operate around defined sector theses, seek to provide concentrated value-add to our entrepreneurs and believe we have built a superior network of advisors, operators and potential customers germane to B2B startups. As partners in early-stage growth, we want to be impactful without wasting precious founder time. Therefore, we focus on what matters most: being the best thought partners in the space and helping startups access and win early customers.

Today we’re hosting our very first Quarterly CXO Summit (CXO = any C-level position) centered around the role of CRO (Chief Revenue Officer, or Head of Sales). We’ve gathered an incredible group beyond the portfolio including CROs from HubSpot, NetSuite, AOL, Pandora, Box, 10Gen / DBMongo, NBC Universal, Micros, Buzzfeed and several others. The day has been a mix of panel discussions and tactical fireside chats covering all aspects of sales and sales management including productivity, hiring & rewards, measurement & quantitative methods and team scaling. Bowery Capital will be sharing more around the event and specific learnings in the coming weeks so stay tuned!