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Introducing Bowery Capital President’s Club

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Michael Brown

January 09, 2017
Bowery Capital

For about a year now I have been asked for ways to help our CEOs with incentives and rewards outside of monetary compensation. How do I keep my best talent and incentivize them outside of money? What can I do to have a leg up against other companies when hiring and retaining talent? We all know how challenging the environment is for early stage start up CEOs and that employee recognition is a critical part of morale, personal and company success and retention. As a result and after about 100 conversations with all of the AOL Vent, we announce the Bowery Capital President’s Club.

Naturally it is tough to do this as the CEO of an early stage company given things like cost and headcount. But we think it makes sense at a portfolio level and wondered why it hadn’t been done before in a venture fund setting. More info about the Bowery Capital President’s Club can be found here and we plan on announcing more about the program to our companies as the year goes on.

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