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5 Cool SaaS Marketing Tools

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Michael Brown

January 05, 2017
Marketing scaled

At Bowery Capital, we’ve been noticing a number of cool SaaS marketing tools that have really started to provide new perspectives for marketing teams to rethink marketing in order to reach the most relevant audience and generate scalable revenues. As a firm, Bowery Capital focuses our efforts solely on helping portfolio companies with scaling sales and marketing and so we thought it would be a good idea to share some powerful and game-changing SaaS marketing tools we are seeing.

(1) Splash – Today event marketers need more than just EventBrite or TicketMaster, which only offer ticketing services. Splash is the one-stop shop for planning events, selling tickets, engaging with attendees before and after the event and it can fit seamlessly into your marketing measurement and integrate with tools like Salesforce and Marketo. On top of these features, Splash CRM is an integrated system that gets stronger with each event. It enables you to tell powerful, data-driven stories and uncover your most valuable attendees. Its graphic design, email sequencing and real analytics tools all make it the easiest and the most powerful SaaS marketing tool geared towards event planning.

(2) GaggleAMP – It’s definitely frustrating for marketers to have created content for social media campaign but then fail to get a critical mass of people who can share the messages or participate in the online marketing activities. GaggleAMP brings you the new solution to tap into your company’s employees as valuable resources to drive more web traffic leads and generate torrents of shares and retweets. All you need to do is get a group of stakeholders, be it employees, vendors or customers and sign them up for GaggleAMP. Then they can choose to automatically repost messages from your social media campaigns in their networks. You could also reward the most active employees or incentivize vendors or partners in the points tracking system that GaggleAMP offers.

(3) Engagio – Built by the same marketing automation experts who brought you Marketo, Engagio aims to be your company’s all-in-one platform for account based marketing. Paired with PlayBook, Engagio’s latest flagship sales tool, the Engagio platform centers your campaigns around an “Account Based Everything” framework that marries multiple channels and departments in order to take off much of the heavy lifting of targeting any particular corporate account. Between automatic lead-to-account (L2A) matching and complete lead interaction history coupled with powerful ABM analytics, Engagio automates and streamlines the work necessary to accelerate sales and secure high-value accounts.

(4) EverString – Drawing from a robust power source of thousands of data signals across 11M+ companies, EverString leverages big data to provide a game-changing predictive analytics platform trusted by the likes of IBM, Microsoft, VMware, and Zenefits. As a result, the platform provides a highly-defined, data-backed approach to building pipeline, zooming in on your targeted accounts based marketing efforts, and streamlining the marketing-sales handoff. The power of EverString’s intelligent Company Graph algorithm helps teams identify the best leads to target based on historical interactions and craft personalized content and messages that will resonate with an account’s decision makers. Artificial intelligence is the secret weapon of next-gen marketing and lead conversion, and EverString is rapidly becoming the authority on predictive martech.

(5) AppsFlyer – AppsFlyer listens for and aggregates all the mobile analytics and advertising information you could ever need on a single real-time dashboard. AppsFlyer’s intelligent data technology ensures accurate install tracking and attribution, providing valuable data on which channels or media sources are working the best. Just like linking to a specific page within a larger website, mobile deep linking allows mobile marketers to guide users to a specific place within a mobile app, be it as an element of a mobile campaign, referral links, or QR codes. AppsFlyers has mastered the art of integrating mobile deep links with mobile martech through its OneLink technology that lets you promote your app anywhere and provide users with a personalized in-app experience.

Special thanks to Boya Wang and Kevin Chu for putting together this article.