#BCsummit: CMTOs, Smart customers & more

#BCsummit: CMTOs, Smart customers & more

January 9, 2017


Welcome to the 2nd annual Bowery Capital CMO Summit! (BCsummit)

We’re back with a packed line-up of brand-builders and the SaaS innovators helping them solve their pain-points.

For some context, here are three key themes we’ll see throughout the day, as shared by our very own @MikeBrownJr just now:

The changing of the guard: We’ve said it once, and we’ll see it in 2015 again and again. The converging strategies of the CMO and CTO will lead to a new role: The Chief Marketing Technology Officer. The new-age Digital Decision Maker who will lean on engineering by leading into the next generation of client sales and subsequent customer acquisition.

The shrinking sales cycle: The buying cycle is getting shorter and shorter. As such, we will see P&L decline. It’s becoming the Biz Dev exec’s role to make these buying decisions, especially as the BD role becomes more technologically inclined and ROI defined.

Smarter buying decisions: Customers are smarter than ever before. They are over inundated with data, and can consequently make more informed decisions. For sellers, it’s a matter of breaking through the clutter of this data and merchandise actionable insights.

Follow along here and @BoweryCapital #BCsummit on Twitter for live coverage of the key tips and tricks of the marketing & sales trade.

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