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Creating Scalable Content with TrackMaven

January 05, 2017

You might have read about the competitive analytics darling that just raised $14M to provide companies like Martha Stewart Living, NPR, the NBA, Marketo, CSC, and Eddie Bauer with actionable, real-time sentiment analytics. Or you might have seen their adorable Corgi mascot in a tweet. (Follow @MaventheCorgi. You won’t regret it.)

Our portfolio founder Allen Gannettswung by the CMO Summit to share his insight into the ever-evolving content creation cycle and how to track it.

You’ve heard it said before, but what is content marketing, really? Allen believes that content marketing is the marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience…with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

From 1879 when we started to see national brands come out of P&G, and 1883 when publications like Ladies Home Journal started testing out the advertising revenue model, to the 1960s Mad Men era with its first multi-channel media campaign, brands connected with their consumers using qualitative data.

Marketing campaigns, though ever-evolving in their distribution methods, were created with gut-driven decisions. We had an idea of what interested our audience, but we had no idea what engaged them. We could only learn what engaged them after a six month cycle during which we spent our media dollars on each campaign and awaited sales results.

So today, we certainly have reactionary listening technologies – some might say too many to follow – that help us distribute our content with optimized timing, wording, platform and geography. Helpful, yes. A “rear view mirror,” as described by Gannett. Yet 66% of B2C marketers and 58% of B2B marketers still do not believe their content is effective.

That’s why TrackMaven actually optimizes content upon creation, and plans to set a new precedent for a world of data-driven marketing.