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CRO Summit Fireside Chat: Improving Lead Generation With Unconventional Methods

April 13, 2015
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Today we are hosting our latest installment in the Bowery Capital CXO Summit Series, which is a forum for exchange between top executives and high-growth startup founders in the enterprise ecosystem. Held at Pranna in NYC, this marks our 2nd annual CRO Summit bringing together heads of revenue from top companies and startups.

First up was a fireside chat with Javier Rosas of Mag+, James Nielsen of Wizeline, and Jake Dunlap of Skaled with Max Altschuler of Sales Media Hacker as the moderator. The panel was focused on unconventional lead generation methods. Here are some of the top takeaways from the chat broken down by individual:


+ Figure out exactly whom you are targeting and selling to. Not just “CMO” or “CTO” but instead the name and a complete profile of the target. Tools that Wizeline uses to sell and develop a complete profile of the target include, InsideView, and LinkedIn.

+ Spend the time to get 80% accuracy of the profile with InsideView and then use LinkedIn and other tools to get the 20%. Do the 20% – it’s worth the time.

+ Once you have a complete profile of your target, do door to door sales. Have a SDR go over there and drop a customized one-sheeter/deck. Make sure to follow up via email or phone the next day.

+ To put these methods in context, Wizeline sells in the 5-6 figure price range.


+ ZocDoc built the top of their funnel sales via crawling and scraping insurance websites. However, these results aren’t 100% so make sure you clean your contact list. One way to do that is to outsource the labor to other countries.

+ After they had a list of accounts that they wanted to go after, they would send faxes (yes faxes) to doctors around 4 times or so everyday.

+ Sneaky sales tactic: ZocDoc targeted specialists by sending letters in x-ray envelops to ensure the doctors would open them thinking it was from colleagues or patients.

+ Persistence: After the fax and letter was received, ZocDoc would get a SDR to email and call the accounts, then get a sales rep to go in-person to their office.

+ Recommended sales tool: InsideView, Salesloft, and Yesware.


+ Startups should fight the urge to just “go” and actually take the time to do initial segmentation.

+ Segment the market into “account based marketing” (big accounts) and “segmented mass customization” (small accounts).

+ For mass customization, create emails that look and feel as though they are tailored. One of the easiest things you can do to achieve this is send text based emails and not HTML emails.

+ Have a direct ask in the subject of your email.

+ Do 7-9 touches in 3 weeks. First email, then email or call in regular intervals.

Thanks much to Javier, James, Jake, and Max for joining us!