Announcing: The 2016 Sales Stack Survey

Announcing: The 2016 Sales Stack Survey

October 4, 2016

Please complete the 2016 Sales Stack Survey here and we’ll share with you the full Sales Stack Report on sales tool rankings and trends in a few weeks, including profiles of the top 200 solutions on market!

The sales automation market continues to grow beyond its roots in CRM. Expanding 10% year over year, spend in the space broached $6B in 2015 and is expected to surpass $10B by 2020. New sub-sectors in sales software are emerging, from outreach automation to predictive lead scoring, and emergents are attracting significant growth capital as they vie for market leadership. But Salesforce still owns nearly half of the market share amongst enterprise solutions. The rest of the pie–especially the solution set catering to smaller buyers–is extremely fragmented. For startups, the number of sales tools to consider is hundreds of names long and the cycle of consolidation is only just beginning. The last two years, Bowery Capital has released a guide to help startup sales teams wade through this noisy market. We’re excited to announce to announce that the 2016 Sales Stack Report–this year’s in-depth analysis designed to help startups understand which sales software vendors are best for them–is well underway.

Bowery Capital Sales Stack Survey

Bowery Capital and G2 Crowd are partnering this year to ensure that our report is the best possible source of sales stack information for startup stakeholders out there. We’re also expanding the report to include something we felt was missing in the market: anonymized buying trend data. To that end, we announce today a new precursor to the full Report: the inaugural Sales Stack Survey. We’ll ask you to share what sales tool categories are most important to your business and the specific tools you’ve used or considered. The survey is a few pages long and should only take 5 minutes of your time. We will use your responses to both better tailor our 2016 Sales Stack Report and provide you–the startup buyer–with the first comprehensive source of sales tool buyer trends on the market (that we know of anyway).

Please complete the 2016 Sales Stack Survey here to receive the full report!

Survey participants will receive the full set of insights gleaned from our questions and receive our full 2016 Sales Stack Report as soon as it’s available. The report will include full profiles on the top 200 tools in the market and critical buying advice in key categories like CRM, Calling, Predictive Sales and Competitive Intelligence. Supplemented by data from 100k+ user reviews collected by G2 Crowd and Bowery Capital’s years of experience testing, implementing and considering investment in sales software, we hope this year’s Sales Stack report will be an invaluable tool for any growing startup. Thanks for your participation!

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