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Grovo’s Tips for Running A Successful Sales Meeting

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Loren Straub

May 18, 2016

This past week we were joined in the studio by Mateo Askaripour to discuss “The Monday Sales Meeting: Purpose, Power, Possibilities”. Mateo currently leads Sales Development at Grovo and is responsible for the growth and development of both outbound and inbound lead generation efforts, reps, and success. During our podcast, Mateo shared a wealth of knowledge with the Bowery Capital team and below laid out the 4 key takeaways we discussed around establishing and running a successful sales meeting.

(1) Why to do it: It is important to set up the Monday Sales Meeting no matter the size of your sales team. This meeting serves as the baseline communication tool within your organization and is often the only time of the week that you have everyone in one room with the purpose of aligning goals, collaborating, providing advise and planning for the week ahead. As your company and sales team grow, the value of this meeting, including the shared learnings, tactics and clear communication, become an even more essential part of the sales process.

(2) When to start it: The sooner the better. At Grovo, the Monday meeting was established the minute they started selling. No matter how small of a sales team, it is important to “act as if” and run your sales team today as if it’s the large sales team you aspire to be in the future. Putting structure and a meeting agenda in place early on is essential so that when your team begins to grow, you can successfully support that scale.

(3) What’s the agenda: At Grovo, the key components for a successful sales meeting are: high level company initiatives (may or may not be directly affecting the sales team), a detailed pipeline review, a summary of relevant sales metrics (sales qualified leads, etc.), peer-to-peer training, and finally an open floor for any general updates from the team. Within the peer-to-peer training, Grovo elects one member from each division of the sales team who is doing particularly well to discuss a recent strategy that’s been working for them.

(4) How to do it successfully: There are a few overarching rules that Mateo believes are necessary to run a successful sales meeting with engaged and enthusiastic employees. First, you must get everyone on the same page as to the company’s goals and mission statement. This is key to setting the tone of the meeting, the energy of your company, and to ensuring your employees understand how their work is fulfilling the greater purpose for the company. Monday meetings can’t exist without this. Second, hire and surround yourself with positive people as these are the people you’ll look to for support. Lastly, encourage your employees to ask questions and share new ideas. Setting an open environment inevitably promotes clear communication and discourages complacency.

Give a listen to the full podcast here and we hope you enjoyed this edition of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast.