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Launching Into Year 3: The Bowery Capital Fellowship Program

October 31, 2018
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After 2 successful summers of The Bowery Capital Sales Fellowship Program, we’re thrilled to embark on Year 3. Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with career centers at universities such as Boston College, Stanford and Columbia, athletic departments at UVa, Penn and The University of Michigan, and continue to expand our reach to top universities nationwide. Previous Host Companies include some of the fastest growing startups in NYC such as Digital Ocean, Splash, View The Space, and Medidata. While our current model has been successful, with over half of our Fellows moving into revenue-focused roles at companies post-graduation; it’s time for a refresh.

With that, we are excited to roll out a slight rebrand, while still maintaining our original thesis: To create a bridge between education and industry.

1. It’s more than just sales. When we launched in the summer of 2017, we envisioned having a narrow focus on sales, but after feedback from Fellows and Host Companies, and observing the impact that that Fellows have been able to make on all aspects of the revenue organization, we’re dropping “Sales” in our title. Starting this summer, we will now be The Bowery Capital Fellowship Program. Our weekly Coffee With Closers sessions will still teach about all aspects of sales from lead generation to negotiation and closing, but Fellows will also be exposed to operations, marketing and the various different components of customer success and account management.

2. We have a website. We’ve launched a website to better communicate our mission, answer FAQ’s and act as an application portal for both Fellows and potential Host Companies. If you are interested in applying for our 2019 class, please fill out the short application form on the website and a member of our team will reach out to you.

3. Emphasis on mentorship. One thing that we consistently heard from the Fellows at the end of each summer was their excitement around working with their mentors and the time spent getting to network with industry experts. As we enter our third summer, we’ll be placing even more of an emphasis on mentorship by creating a more systematized mentor program with scheduled 1:1s, and will now also give Host Companies the option of hosting a morning “Coffee with Closers” session or organizing a networking event at their office.

This year’s Fellowship program will kick off on Monday, June 10 and will finish Friday, August 16, 2019. If you have specific questions or are interested in learning more, reach out to Alexandra Adamson:

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