The Bowery Capital team has spent the past year going deep on B2B marketplaces and interviewing leading founders and investors to learn what it takes to build success in the B2B marketplace arena. Below is one post from our Field Guide and is a compilation of research on the space.

The below research reports are some of the best we have seen that focus on B2B Marketplaces. We include this as part of our broader work on the ecosystem and in order to help founders and investors on their journey. This is a work in progress. Email us if you want to be added.

Bessemer Venture Partners. BVP puts out great research and their B2B Marketplaces work does not disappoint. Chock full of insights and analysis, they recently put out a 2.0 of their initial research which is definitely worth checking out.

A Crowded Space. Josh's post was formative to us and hopefully helps you out. It really is a wonderful starting point as you go down the B2B Marketplace journey.

NFX. James, Peter, and the team at NFX are the best of the best when it comes to marketplaces. Their research and considerations on the B2B side are very relevant in this market environment and in particular the founder quotes/details are spot on and helpful.

Digital Commerce 360. DC360 has done an amazing amount of work on B2B Marketplaces and their combination of studies, interviews, and articles is a great resource. Each year they put out a "B2B Marketplace Top 250" which is a solid ranking and database of companies. They also do a great "B2B eCommerce Market Report" which is helpful framing.

Applico. A more recent body of research but relevant nonetheless and very well curated. They have done some great interviews with B2B Marketplace founders and put out a "Top 50 B2B Marketplace Report."

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