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The NYC B2B Company List

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Michael Brown

August 12, 2019

downloadAs New Yorkers investing in enterprise software we care a lot about the growth of the ecosystem here in the Big Apple. New York is not traditionally known as a hub for enterprise software and most of what we know of the ecosystem around b2b has primarily been verticalized around advertising and financial services technology. While we don’t have our share of Salesforce, SAP, EMC or other huge market winners there are definitely some up and comers that could be the next generation disruptors in these categories. Names like Mongo DB, Shutterstock and Jibe Software are becoming household names in their spaces and are headquartered in NYC. The larger players like Salesforce, Omniture, Adobe, Splunk, BMC, SAP and LinkedIn have also started to build big efforts in New York which should grow the ecosystem. We’re excited to be a part of backing the next big winners in NYC b2b but started to realize there was no centralized list of all of the business software companies headquartered in New York. As a result, today we’re introducing what we think is the first full list of b2b companies that call NY home. Click here for the full list of enterprise software companies and we’ve open sourced the document so that any one can see it and share it. Note that we do include what would be considered advertising technology but in a separate tab. If you find yourself missing feel free to add and we hope to keep this going as an ongoing concern.