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Why I Joined VC and My Journey To Bowery Capital

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Ellen Terlizzi

August 11, 2022
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When meeting the Bowery team in 2019, I remember feeling impressed and more than a little intrigued by the Director of Growth position. (It reminded me of watching the starters on sports teams as an underclassman and wanting to earn a place alongside them.) I knew at the time I wanted to gain more experience, providing me with the skills and confidence to pursue a similar position in the future. In the ensuing years, I have met with successes and failures, challenges and rewards, all preparing me for this opportunity. The Director of Growth at Bowery Capital has come around at a perfect time in my career.

My tech journey began while looking for a job in mental health. I was graduating with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from NYU and although I could have continued part-time in a cancer support role, my employer was unable to provide a full-time position. During this time, I became aware of the booming startup industry in NYC. My curiosity led me to explore several companies and I was hired quickly - they were as intrigued with hiring someone with my educational background.

My drive to understand and work successfully with people across diverse backgrounds was the driving force behind my journey in mental health. My degree in the field will continue to be a great asset, however, I am passionate about continuing to work within the tech industry and feel excited about my role at Bowery wedding the two. Bowery’s commitment and acknowledgment of mental health in the Workplace is powerful and I look forward to adding my own voice to our platform.

Working with Sales and GTM Teams, I have had the opportunity to learn the inner workings of startups across various industries, gaining knowledge and confidence along the way. I pride myself on diving into challenges and problem solving, working both independently and collectively to find the most efficient ways to move forward successfully. Sharing with the team and client is the role I feel the most comfortable in.

The last seven years have provided immeasurable learning, but if I had to pick the most rewarding opportunities, it would be the interaction with my peers. Managing so many talented and fearless SDRs has been a privilege. The leaders, managers, and AE partners on the front lines have provided me with a wealth of information, patience, and humor along the way. And although they didn’t have much choice, I still greatly appreciate the friends and family who listened, over and over again, to ideas, pitches, and product demos, always offering positive feedback, even when they were unsure of what I was selling.

The term “full circle” comes to mind while considering how I have arrived here. It has always been recognized by myself and ‘upper management’ including coaches, peers, and employers, that I am at my best when providing collaborating on ideas, solutions, and providing encouragement. Reaching the best outcomes with a team has always been my goal. Bowery’s mission, team, and hands-on approach are the perfect home for me to share my knowledge and experience while also offering continued opportunities to learn, both from an entrepreneurial lens and investor perspective. I'm excited for this next chapter to take my learnings and passion working with the Bowery founders.

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