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Why I Joined Bowery Capital

January 06, 2022
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I feel very fortunate that my first finance job exposed me to the B2B focused niche inside of the venture capital world. I started my career at an early stage fund focused on B2B software. It is a privilege for me to now be a part of Bowery where I can bring my background to an exciting, experienced leader in the industry. Here are the features that drew my attention immediately to Bowery.

Team: Bowery's single most attractive feature is the team. Bowery has assembled a group of impressive professionals with a visioned focus on helping startups find success. The Investment Team is second-to-none and the Acceleration Team is equally impressive. This team is highly motivated, remarkably approachable, and ready to make an impact. Mike and Loren are both incredible investors and I am excited to learn from them.

Disciplined Approach: Bowery is very strategic and thoughtful in their partner selections. As I think about people with whom I want to build and grow in my career, Bowery is a great fit because they seek to do the same in every interaction. The Bowery portfolio speaks for itself.

Adding Value to Portfolio Companies: Bowery goes above and beyond to help portfolio companies looking for investment opportunities in uncharacteristically effective ways for a seed fund. In this market where there are so many funds, many overpromise and underdeliver. Bowery is much more than simply a financing source; with Bowery, you gain a partner. Members of the Bowery team are eager to roll up their sleeves, get involved in the details, and help drive companies to success. The Acceleration Team has the sole mission to help portfolio companies prosper.

Growth: Strategically, this team is always thinking about ways to grow and how to improve. Measured improvement is the focus, both for the team, its members, and its partners.

Values: Every decision that Bowery makes, from the first conversation with a founder onward, has the founder's best interest in mind.

I am very humbled to be a part of this team. I am excited to work closely with them and their entrepreneur partners.

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