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BC Marketing Summit 2020: Under the Hood of Sales and Marketing at MongoDB

July 14, 2020
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Last month at Bowery’s annual Marketing Summit, we were joined by Meghan Gill, VP Sales Operations at MongoDB, and Jahira Martins, Manager of Automation and Marketing Operations at MongoDB. In their session, Jahira and Meghan took viewers under the hood of sales and marketing at MongoDB. You can find the full video replay of their session here.

The pair discussed a few different topics during their talk ranging from marketing data collection and sales lead scoring to the interactions between marketing and sales teams. Below we have summarized some of the key takeaways:

1. Founders must be willing and open to evolving their tech stack. Jahira gave viewers some insight into the massive tech stack at MongoDB. With over 70 software tools in their stack, the team has seen first hand how a tech stack is constantly changing. As new systems become available and processes begin to change, it is critical for startups to adapt and modify their own tech stack.

2. Developing an effective lead scoring system is always an iterative process. MongoDB currently uses MadKudu to build its lead scoring system and they currently look at metrics like company fit and user behavior to score leads. They very recently iterated on their lead scoring system to dock companies in industries heavily affected by COVID-19 like the airline and hospitality industries. Meghan emphasized the importance of adjusting your lead scoring system based on changing business landscapes.

3. Founders should start with a lean marketing and sales team as well as a lean tech stack. One of the most common mistakes that early-stage founders make is using costly, enterprise-focused CRMs and marketing automation tools like Eloqua or Salesforce. In fact, startups rarely need some of the advanced and customizable features offered by these enterprise solutions, so it would be smarter to stick with a simpler tool like HubSpot early on.

Sales and Marketing at MongoDB

Sales and Marketing at MongoDB

Jahira Martins (left) is currently the Manager of Automation and Marketing Operations at MongoDB. Prior to MongoDB, Jahira was the Marketing Operations and Automation Manager at Datadog, where she developed and oversaw strategic projects such as lead scoring and nurture strategy from project conception through full implementation.

Meghan Gill (right) is currently the VP of Sales Operations at MongoDB. She joined MongoDB as the first non-engineering hire to lead marketing (among many other things), with a focus on building a developer community. Meghan also sits on the board of

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