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Announcing Our Investment In ePallet

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Loren Straub

June 16, 2023
New Investment e Pallet

We are excited to announce our participation in the seed round at ePallet!


ePallet is being built by a best in class team with a background in food and ecommerce. The company is led by Joe Gozzi and Stephanie Doull. Joe has 15+ years of supply chain operating experience and experienced the paint point firsthand, working with name brands across food. Stephanie spent almost two decades at Staples. They have formed an experienced team around them to solve a massive pain point in this industry.


ePallet is building an online marketplace connecting manufacturers with pallet buyers of all types. The platform handles transactions end-to-end, processing the order and connecting directly to national and regional freight carriers, both simplifying and streamlining wholesale distribution. Buyers get real time price transparency and manufacturers gain direct access to their customers, a relationship that has historically been handled by distributors. ePallet is building a platform to remove the pain of buying and selling in pallet quantities for both vendors and buyers. They make it easy to save both time and money with real-time price quoting, product information, and multiple vendors in a single-source platform. Their slogan is “True Wholesale” and they provide customers direct access to manufacturers’ products in full-pallet increments. Their business model allows buyers to purchase pallet quantities from global brands. ePallet owns no physical assets, but connects the dots between buyers, sellers, and logistics providers.


Coming out of a pandemic that threw a magnifying glass on supply chain inefficiencies, many of the problems remain unsolved. ePallet is a revolutionary platform that addresses the inefficiencies and complexities in the wholesale distribution of pallet quantities. The traditional process, involving distributors and intermediaries, has often been cumbersome and costly. ePallet's online marketplace streamlines this process, enabling manufacturers and buyers to directly connect and transact in a seamless manner. ePallet's asset-light business model, which focuses on connecting buyers, sellers, and logistics providers, enhances the overall supply chain efficiency.

Stay tuned for more updates on ePallet's journey as we revolutionize the wholesale distribution industry!