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Announcing Our Investment in Performica

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Loren Straub

February 13, 2023
New Investment Performica

Last week, our newest investment Performica announced their Seed round of funding. You can read about the origins, team, market, and more in the press release here. Performica gives customers real-time visibility into the dynamics and cross-functional work that drives innovation in today’s economy. Below lays out some of the reasons why we are thrilled to be working with the Performica team.


Performica was started by Alex Furman, Erin McCune, and Chen Shashar. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Alex over the last few years and are excited to be partnering with him on his next adventure. Previously, Alex co-founded Invitae (NYSE: NVTA), where he experienced the power of leveraging Performica, which was used internally at the time. Chen and Erin both come from tech backgrounds, having extensive experience in leadership roles across a variety of software companies. Driven by their deep knowledge of the problem and a passion for creating the solution, Alex, Erin, and Chen co-founded Performica. After significant diligence on the opportunity we were compelled to co-lead the Seed round alongside Surface Ventures.


Performica is building a platform to help customers increase retention of key personnel, engagement and performance. The platform also helps teams manage disruptive organizational changes (M&A, leadership changes, reorganizations, etc.). The tool prompts leadership to take the necessary actions to create the most productive environment for their employees.


We believe that now is the perfect time to be investing in a technology like this, especially one being built by such a world class team. Performica has already demonstrated to their customers the value the platform can bring to their organizations. We are excited to work with a familiar face in Alex and this team motivated to solve one of the biggest problems teams face today.


Performica is based in San Francisco, CA.