Cool SaaS Revenue Tools We Are Noticing Lately

Cool SaaS Revenue Tools We Are Noticing Lately

August 12, 2019

Our Acceleration Team spends a ton of time helping seed stage companies set up the right systems, infrastructure, and processes, to help them achieve product/market fit and hopefully outsized revenue growth. A big part of this effort is the recommendation of tooling that saves companies money but also makes them money. We’ve talked in the past about SaaS sales tools that we like, and so thought it would be fun to talk about some broader and newer SaaS revenue tools that we are recommending and liking today.

1. Blockspring – Notifications are nothing new, but more and more sales teams are thinking about ways to be notified when job postings with certain keywords show up on a prospect’s careers page. It can really help in later stage negotiations or opening up with a prospect. Blockspring has built one of the most powerful engines around list building, reporting, and landing pages but they recently launched a product that helps you track job postings by company on Indeed. This is one of the coolest SaaS revenue tools we have seen and super valuable.

2. Catalyst – Founders Kevin and Edward basically saw the huge problem of customer success in high velocity sales organizations during their time at Digital Ocean and decided to go out and build a product to solve the problem. Their customer success platform for CSMs is intuitive, well designed and comprehensive. It gives you the means to mobilize your customers, measure their satisfaction and grow your business before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee. Things like product usage, 360 profiles, task management, and playbooks really help your team gain a lot of leverage.

3. Lessonly – There are a fair amount of learning management systems in the wild today but we find Lessonly one of the easiest to set-up and solves a lot of the basic needs for sales, marketing, or customer success teams that are just starting to move into the hyper-growth phase. Building lessons is super easy and effective. Features around video, audio, and text are clean, fun and engaging. They have specific products built for customer success and sales teams which is also nice as you think about a focused learning management system for your orgnanization.

4. Seamless.AI – Prospecting tools and databases to find customers are abundant these days and we’ve had our share of success with and others. Seamless.AI is one that we keep coming back to especially for smaller teams that have a limited budget for these types of searches. The company has done a great job building a real-time people search engine that helps you build a massive list of your total addressable contact market inclusive of perfect emails, phone numbers and insights.

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