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5 Cool SaaS Sales Tools We Are Noticing Lately

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Michael Brown

October 24, 2018
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At Bowery Capital, we’ve been noticing a number of cool SaaS sales tools that have really started to empower the front line sales reps as well as their sales managers in a way we haven’t seen from prior companies selling software. As a firm, Bowery Capital focuses our efforts solely on helping portfolio companies with scaling sales and marketing and so after checking in with our portfolio founders, sales leaders, and sales reps as well as some friends from the outside we thought it would be interesting to share some great new SaaS sales tools we are seeing.

1. Crystal – Founder Drew D’Agostino has a vision with his product to empower and increase the hit rate of an SDR. The product scrapes data for a specific person on the web, analyzes their personality/emotional profile, and gives targeted advice on how to pitch a person in-person and over email. Sure there are a lot of SaaS sales tools out there that help “pre-meeting,” but this is the first we have seen that gives very focused and targeted advice on exactly how to make the right pitch. While the company launched recently and is only in alpha many folks we spoke with are big fans already.

2. BlitzFlow – There are power dialers, and then there is BlitzFlow. If you’re concerned with your SDRs spending too much time with data entry or pre-sales demo prep then this product is like an InsideSales, Velocify, or ringDNA on steroids. Background research on a prospect is automatically delivered to an SDR versus the current manual searching that happens today, much better collaborative queues, a much higher degree of customization, and data porting in and out of your CRM and Marketing Automation tools all make for one of the smartest and most powerful new SaaS sales tools. Take notice SDR managers!

3. Outreach – Companies like Cloudera, TriNet, and Redfin have really caught on to this communications focused product of late. If you find your salespeople constantly handling manual email flows or even worse not having email sequences at all then this tool is going to be a godsend. The Outreach team has truly built one of the widest communications tools that we have seen and some of our companies or friends are even using the product outside of sales in customer success or human resources. With communication becoming more and more important we believe this is one of the best new SaaS sales tools out there.

4. Rivalry – Sales coaching tends to be very ad-hoc, manual, and not sophisticated and Rivalry is looking to completely change the game on this front. They offer a simple, lightweight tool that is used by sales managers to help coach individual contributors. The software produces measurements, transparency, and documentation of sales rep improvement and fun things like live leaderboards, email coaching plans, and solid analytics. Of all the SaaS sales tools out there, this a strong product for any manager looking to do better with sales coaching.

5. Datanyze – In a world where pipeline matters so much, Datanyze is really becoming a quiet leader as one of the best SaaS sales tools focused on sales intelligence. The 4 key products all stand up on their own and really help an early founder, the first sales hire, or your larger sales teams build more quality leads. They’ve got some of the best research out there today and many folks we speak with love the Predict product for it’s accuracy and focus in helping companies manage what leads to pay attention to. This is another one of those SaaS sales tools many of our companies cannot live without.