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The Startup Sales Podcast: Top 5 Edition

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Michael Brown

January 16, 2017
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We are 20 weeks into the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast! For this week’s edition, we wanted to look back and revisit the Top 5 Podcast’s so far. Here were some of your favorites:

(1) Selling SaaS At The Outpost with David Levy (Crittercism) – David talked with us specifically about several components that matter most as a SaaS Account Executive not in your headquarters. Thinking about things like consistency of communication with HQ, working and discussing on the ground learnings constantly with other AEs that are in your HQ or other regions, learning from other AEs at other companies in your region, executing events and going to other smart events in your territory, and finally getting back to your HQ to meet with product, marketing, executive, and sales teams to discuss what is happening on the ground are all key to selling SaaS at the outpost.

(2) Excelling at High Velocity Sales with Adam Liebman (SinglePlatform) – Adam came onto the startup sales podcast and talked to us about the many differences between high velocity sales people and their enterprise counterparts, tips for getting SMBs on the phone, and different metrics for measuring the success of your team. We also discussed creation of that first sales script from nothing and how to fine tune it along the way.

(3) How Marketing Drives Success In Your Early Days: (Digital Ocean) – Mitch Wainer came on to the startup sales podcast to discus approaches to early stage SaaS marketing and reflects on the success he had with specific strategies at DigitalOcean.

(4) SDR Training Programs with Jon Parisi (GuideSpark) – Jon Parisi joined us in the studio to talk about “SDR Training Programs.” The topic of SDR Training has been a major passion and expertise of Jon’s through the years and he has written extensively on this with some great presentations out there for any SaaS founder to follow.

(5) Rep Attainment with Doug Landis (Box)Doug Landis came onto the startup sales podcast to talk to us about “Rep Attainment” as it relates to your growing SaaS company.

Make sure to check back next week for a new Startup Sales Podcast!