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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Rep Attainment with Doug Landis (Box)

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Michael Brown

March 30, 2020
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Welcome back podcast listeners! This week we had my good friend Doug Landis in to talk about “Rep Attainment” as it relates to your growing SaaS company. Many already know Doug as a well known speaker in the sales community and he’s also been a frequent guest and speaker at our own CRO Summits. For the uninformed, Doug was formerly the VP of Sales Productivity at Box when we interviewed him for our podcast. He has been a sales trainer and leader at many companies including Google, Oracle, and Monster.

In our podcast Doug talks about the concept of rep attainment and how this really helps your organization build a macro point of view on how the entire sales team is performing. As many SaaS founders know, once you hire in several sellers you really need to start thinking about performance of the team and how well everyone is doing against each other as well as the overall market. With over 200 people in the Box sales organization and the leader of the training and performance silo, Doug knows a thing or two about this topic. He first dives into the backbone of rep attainment models and the sales formula (Pipeline x Deal Size x Win Rate / Sales Cycle) and how this data is used. Doug then walks listeners through the process by which Box gets this sales formula data out of existing systems like their CRM and ERP (for compensation data) and the basics of how they go about building their own rep attainment models. We then cover some of the benchmarks you should be thinking about and getting out of your rep attainment model and talk at a high level about how to benchmark yourself against market comparables using products like Xactly to see how well your reps are performing relative to industry. Once you’ve got a good handle on performance with your rep attainment model you’ll need to know what to do if people are over-achieving or under-performing and so Doug closes with a breakdown of how to think about the sales formula in the context of your rep attainment model. He covers some of the lessons learned from his time at Box and where they’ve seen success and failure. Ultimately the rep attainment model should help any SaaS founder better understand their data and be more efficient on the sales productivity and sales training side. Give a listen now!

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