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BC Startup Sales Podcast – SDR Training Programs with Jon Parisi (GuideSpark)

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Michael Brown

March 30, 2020
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Jon ParisiWe’re back this week from the holidays with another great edition of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast with Jon Parisi joining us in the studio to talk about “SDR Training Programs.” The topic of SDR Training has been a major passion and interest of Jon’s through the years and he has written extensively on this with some great presentations out there for any SaaS founder to follow. He’s currently the Director of Revenue Development at GuideSpark and we thought it would be great to have him on to follow up from our prior podcast around scaling sales with SDRs. If you don’t know how to train them and grow them, how can you scale them? That’s the theory we were playing off of and Jon joined us in the studio to share his knowledge and practical advice.

In our podcast Jon and I discuss why developing an SDR training program is absolutely necessary to any SaaS company that is in growth mode and what it takes to build a simple framework for training SDRs (or as GuideSpark calls them RDRs or Revenue Development Reps). We talk about GuideSpark specifically and their SDR training program. Things like how long they do classroom training versus practical or more real world training (spoiler: get them on the phones ASAP!) are really important to this and we go into detail on it. We walk through the materials that Jon’s marketing and sales teams provide to the newly minted SDRs, how their ramp times look over the course of the first day, week, month, and then finally what the top level benchmarks need to be to know whether or not an SDR is being effective or not. For GuideSpark, the company doesn’t really believe that an SDR is going to be fully ramped until about 3,000 calls which we found to be pretty interesting relative to some other SaaS companies we know. We then touch on identifying your best performing reps and what to do with them as well as what to do with those that aren’t making the cut. Jon walks listeners through the concept of a performance improvement plan and how GuideSpark uses it as well as instilling the concept of teamwork and collaboration to help everyone in the organization achieve their goals. We close on some tools and software that Jon’s team uses to both create the SDR training program as well as what his SDRs use on a daily basis. This was a fun one and another informative podcast for any SaaS founder who is working heavily with SDRs and developing an SDR training program.

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