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Announcing our 2019 Bowery Capital Fellows!

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Jessica Bernido

July 03, 2019
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2019 Bowery Capital Fellows

Last month, we kicked off year 3 of the Bowery Capital Fellowship. We had a record number of applicants (over 100 undergrads) and we’re pleased to announce our 2019 Bowery Capital Fellows: Yash Gurditta (Columbia University), Avani Bahl (Barnard College), Eliza Loftus (University of Pittsburgh), Samuel Stern (University of Michigan), Allison Wheeler (Boston College), Matt Hidalgo (NYU) and Meghan Tan (Cornell University).

We’re so excited to have such a bright and talented group of up and coming high potentials in this years program! Some might say too excited; we started the first day of the program bright and early at 8 AM and needless to say, it was quite eventful! Upon turning the key to get set up in the office, the key broke in the door locking out us out of the office for at least one hour. With some quick thinking, we quickly reconvened downstairs at a cafe and were able to ship everyone off to their first day at their host company in enough time. A huge shoutout to the folks at Gotan, Flatiron for hosting us last minute!

This year’s host companies include Yext, Splash, Knotel, Ceros, Cockroach Labs, Adroll, and ActionIQ. Our Fellows will be spending 10 weeks of their Summer at these high growth tech companies learning the ropes across sales, sales operations and marketing. The program offers a holistic startup experience with access to weekly training sessions, industry leaders, mentorship pairings and social opportunities.

We’re already at the end of week 3 and though Summer has just started, it’s all going by super quickly! We’ve checked off 2 training sessions (hosted by Bowery Capital’s very own Andrew Oddo), a kick-off happy hour with our Fellows + Bowery Capital Interns, not to mention all of the learnings and work in-between. Stay tuned for more updates on the program, our Fellows will be sharing more about their experiences before the Summer wraps!

One last note, this is truly a group effort and we wouldn’t be able to offer this program without our awesome host companies, mentors, and career center partners. A huge thank you to everyone involved!

Interested in learning more about the program as a potential host company or Fellow? Please reach out to Jessica Bernido:

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