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5 Questions With Bowery's Revenue Council: Elizabeth Walton

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Jessica Bernido

December 01, 2021

Why did you join the Bowery Capital Revenue Council?
I love working with startups. I've been lucky enough to be part of the growth of two successful companies (acquisition & IPO) so I can use my experience to help founders avoid mistakes and accelerate their growth.

How has the marketing landscape for seed-stage startups changed in the last five years?

Consumer expectations are changing extremely rapidly, so whether you are a startup or a big company the old marketing playbook doesn't work anymore. The good news is there are more tools than ever that are accessible for seed-stage startups to be able to compete with the bigger companies.

What are some indicators of a healthy marketing operation?

That's a hard one because it depends on how your company operates and its goals. However, inbound traffic/leads are generally a good early indication that your marketing is working.

What are the most common roadblocks you’ve helped startups overcome at the early stage?

Most companies understandably struggle with prioritization, where they should invest first. That includes the profile of the person to hire first. With marketing it's tempting to want to go all in on a few things, but it's extremely hard to do multiple things well. You need to make one or two intentional marketing investments and measure KPIs to understand their effects and then move on to the next investment.

What one piece of advice would you share with a founder looking to scale revenue at the seed stage?

Deeply understand who the buyer is and why they are buying. It can be easy to secure a couple of deals through relationships or luck, but that doesn't scale. You need to understand what motivates the buyer and then seek them out using sales and marketing to educate them on your solution and make them aware of your company.

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