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4 Ways To Beat The Sunday Scaries

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Michael Brown

March 26, 2018

Friday afternoon rolls around and you’re relieved to finally get out of work and enjoy the weekend. But just like that, you open your eyes Sunday morning and the anxiety of the upcoming work week starts to creep in. That sinking hole-in-your-stomach feeling has been unofficially dubbed the Sunday Scaries by many, and we’ve all felt it. As a result, we have compiled a few remedies for this devastating affliction. Here are four tips to beat the Sunday Scaries.

1. Leave This Week In The Past. Don’t leave the office on Friday with lingering tasks or unanswered emails sitting in your inbox. Stale emails are a sure-fire way to kick start the Sunday Scaries. If you have an all hands first thing on Monday morning, put a placeholder on your calendar for 10 minutes every Friday afternoon to make sure you prep for this on Friday and don’t save it for late Sunday night.

2. Prioritize Projects, Tasks, & Meetings. Since your inbox should be clean going into the weekend, you’ll be able to spend time on Sunday prepping for the upcoming week. Look through your calendar and get a sense of what’s ahead. One of the main reasons for the Sunday Scaries is the feeling of uncertainty, so alleviate this by mentally preparing and planning for important upcoming meetings or projects.

3. Clean Your Data Before The Week Starts. Never start the week with dirty data. It’s easy to let this slip as the week goes on and things begin to pile up, so take 15 minutes to run through the previous week’s calendar and make sure that you have updated everything in your CRM and your data is clean for the upcoming week. Add in any additional notes that may have been left incomplete and update tasks that may be lingering.

4. Set A Goal For The Week. Once you have a sense of what’s ahead, set an intention. What do you want to accomplish this week? Write it down and look at it at the end of the week. Did you do it? By setting mini-goals for yourself and actively holding yourself accountable, you can ensure that you are keeping your head above water throughout the week. It’s also a great way to make sure that you’re prioritizing the most important tasks during the week.

Just an hour or so of preparation on Friday and the right focus on Sunday, can beat the Sunday Scaries for good and leave you feeling more relaxed and confident for your work week ahead. Good luck!

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