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Bowery Capital Annual Diversity Study

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Jessica Bernido

August 19, 2022
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As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, our team has put out a gender study over the last few years as a way of keeping ourselves honest about how we are doing as a firm. Historically this study has focused on gender, however, we recognize identity is so much more than this and we have expanded our data collection for 2021 to cover gender, race, disability, and education. We believe that all of these demographics play a significant role in the overall work experience and our goal is to gain a more holistic perspective. Going forward we will continue to report across all of these areas with potential to expand beyond these in the future.

Below lays out our 2021 diversity study results.

Full-time Team

The full-time team at Bowery Capital consists of investment professionals and seasoned experts that make up what is internally and externally called the Investment Team and the Acceleration Team. As of Q4 2021, the team sits at four full-time employees of which two are male and two are female. Since inception, Bowery Capital has had nine employees, consisting of 56% male and 44% female. The current racial composition of the team is 50% White, 25% Asian, and 25% Multiracial. All of our full-time team members graduated with bachelor’s degrees and are without disabilities.

FT Team

Part-time Team

The Bowery Capital part-time team consists of three groups of senior industry leaders that we internally and externally call Venture Partners, Senior Advisors, and Revenue Council. Bowery Capital currently has 15 part-time employees, 67% of which responded to the questionnaire. Among those who responded, 60% are female and 40% are male, compared to 65% male and 35% female since inception. Racial makeup is 60% White and 40%. 60% of the part-time team hold master’s degrees while the other 40% hold bachelor’s degrees, and all members of the part-time team are without disabilities.

PT Team

Full and Part-time Team

The combination of the full and part-time team makes up all of individuals that spend their day-to-day working on Bowery Capital. We believe this is the best metric to track for our firm on an overall basis. There are currently 19 employees sitting on our full and part-time team, among which 74% filled in the questionnaire. Out of those who provided us with diversity information, 57% female and 43% male. Since inception, the Bowery Capital team has had 30 employees in total, among which 62% are male and 38% are female. Racial composition of the current team breaks down to 57% White, 36% Asian, and 7% Multiracial. 57% of the entire Bowery Capital team hold master’s degrees and 43% hold bachelor degrees, and all members are without disabilities.

FT + PT Teams

Founders in Portfolio

Bowery Capital has invested in many companies since its founding in 2013. 63% of 61 founders responded to our Diversity questionnaire. Out of those who answered, 84% of them are male and 16% are female. This is a significant increase from 94% male and 6% female in the last report. Currently, 97% of founders are without disability, while 3% are with disability. Additionally, the founders represent great racial and educational diversity, as shown in the charts below.


Founders Education + Race

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