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Rise Of The Digital Marketing Suite – The End!

0605cmo_w1024Over the past three months, we’ve published a ton around the future of the CMO and what we call the “Rise Of The Digital Marketing Suite.”  The market continues to heat up around this segment and spend category and roughly 50% of our thesis is focused around the future of marketing IT and where marketing spend is going. Given the amount of requests we have received we’re sharing the document in full (see link below) as well as the links to all articles.  In addition we pulled a ton of market comparables for this work and include it here as well. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Rise Of The Digital Marketing Suite – Part I (What Categories Does The CMO Buy?)

Rise Of The DMS – Part II (Who Are The Players?)

Rise Of The DMS – Part III (Deep Dive: Adobe Systems)(Deep Dive: (Deep Dive: Oracle(Deep Dive: IBM)(Deep Dive: Microsoft)

Rise Of The DMS – Part IV (The Independents: Analytics) (The Independents: Content Management) (The Independents: Social) (The Independents: eCommerce) (The Independents: Campaign Management / Email Marketing) (The Independents: Marketing Automation)

Rise Of The DMS – Part V (Lessons Learned & The End)

Rise Of The DMS – Part VI (Market Update) (Key Product Updates)

Rise Of The DMS – (Market Comparables)

Full text in .pdf is below for your enjoyment:

Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Michael is a Founder & Managing Partner at Bowery Capital based in New York. Prior to Bowery Capital, Brown was a Co-Founder and General Partner at AOL Ventures. Before AOL Ventures, Brown worked for the investment arm of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. He began his career at Morgan Stanley as an equity research analyst. Outside of his professional life, Brown serves on the Board of Directors of the National Forest Foundation and the Columbia College Alumni Association. He holds a B.A. from Columbia University.