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Announcing Our Investment In Multiplayer

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August 07, 2023
New Investment Multiplayer

VentureBeat published an article today taking the wrapping paper off of one of Bowery Capital's investments from January this year called Multiplayer. You can read more about the company and new fundraising here. We were excited to co-lead the round alongside Okapi Ventures with participation from some angel investor friends. Below lays out specifics surrounding our involvement and the investment in the company.


Multiplayer was founded late last year by husband and wife team Steph and Tom Johnson. We had met Steph through our friend Graham Neray at Oso and really enjoyed the conversation around a particular area of the developer tooling ecosystem that had always bothered us - the challenges of visualizing and communicating architectural design decisions when working on distributed software. Both Steph and Tom had been at companies like MongoDB, Digital Ocean, and Citrix and seen the problem firsthand. Their pitch was to solve this ever-present challenge.


Multiplayer aims to provide a collaborative and visual tool for managing complex and multi-layered system architectures that support a company’s operations. Traditionally, development teams have utilized outdated or makeshift solutions, such as physical whiteboards or inadequate diagramming tools, to collaborate on backend software design. Multiplayer offers a purpose-built software solution that enables teams to visualize their system architecture comprehensively and in granular detail.


Tom probably said it best: “It’s for teams of any size that are working on distributed software and are sick and tired of all the meetings and headaches they have to deal with to work on backend software,” he said. “We’ve created this beautiful, collaborate application that allows teams to come together.” No more writing on the back of a napkin or a whiteboard.


Multiplayer is based in New York City!