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Finding Quick Sales Wins To End Your Quarter On A High Note

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Michael Brown

June 09, 2020

There are 11 business days left in the quarter. The end of Q1 is bearing down upon sellers all over the ecosystem. Are you going to hit your number or not? Our Acceleration Team tends to see an increase in activity towards the end of each quarter as companies try harder and harder to crush their numbers. Here are some some tips and tricks that have worked well for our teams in the past. Doing these can result in quick sales wins to close out your quarter on a high note.

1. Prospect Against Newness In A Role. If you have a strong Sales Playbook and have worked through your ICP/Buyer Persona enough you can usually find some quick sales wins prospecting folks who are new to their role. We tend to favor 90 days into a role but people have found 60 or even 30 days to be ideal to get a quick win. Remember that new IT buyers are usually brought in to improve a company, make changes, or create something new. Use this to your advantage.

2. Re-Engage Using Your Existing CRM Data. One of the easiest quick sales wins is to sit in your CRM and build out re-engagement around two core areas: closed-lost deals and old inbound leads. Generally speaking, closed-lost buyers may be open to new solutions if the timing is right and have already been up to speed on your product. Lobbing in a catchup call is easy. On old inbound leads, these leads should be cultivated anyways and what better time to do it at the end of a quarter to boost your activity?

3. Use Your VC Networks. Most of those that are reading this blog likely have raised venture financing. If you can, reach out to the Partner or Platform Team at your VC investors with a list of their portfolio companies that you are interested in connecting with. Draft short blurbs and make it easy for the VCs. This can almost always lead to quick sales wins and we find that it is one of the more under-utilized tactics out there.

4. Find Early Adopters In Complementary Spaces. Build a list of vendors that you would consider complimentary to your product. Then go on the websites of these vendors and find the early adopters of their products. Look at their case studies, their listed logos, and the testimonials where they talk about individuals or companies and how much they love these vendors. Use that as your prospecting list. Reach out to these folks (prospect who the buyer is at the company using LinkedIn if you only get a logo) and tell them why you think your solution makes sense as a compliment to the product that they already bought.

There is a non-zero amount of people that likely will buy based off of these points and prospecting easy but necessary approaches. As you wrap up your quarter, consider some of these ideas for generating quick sales wins to end on a strong note.

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