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The Startup Sales Stack Report

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March 01, 2023
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In today's fast-paced business world, technology has become an indispensable tool for sales teams. From lead generation to customer engagement, technology has revolutionized the way sales teams work and has made it easier for them to close deals. We are excited to once again partner with G2 on The Startup Sales Stack Report.

What is a Sales Stack?

A sales stack refers to the collection of software and tools that sales teams use to support their sales processes. The sales stack includes a variety of tools, ranging from lead generation and qualification tools to customer relationship management (CRM) software and sales enablement platforms. The goal of a sales stack is to streamline sales processes, increase efficiency, and drive revenue growth.

Why the focus on Enablement?

When resources are tight and increasing headcount isn’t possible, organizations realize that empowering individual sellers does not guarantee an increase in the sales pipeline. This has led to a heightened emphasis on sales enablement, and that's why we sought insights from Skaled Consulting and RevShoppe for 2023.

The challenges of working with a robust tech stack include:

  1. Incompatible systems that do not integrate well with each other.

  2. Duplication of data and manual entry errors due to separate systems.

  3. Time-consuming data transfer between tools and systems.

  4. Difficulty in tracking sales activities, progress, and results across different systems.

  5. Inefficient and ineffective sales processes due to lack of integration and automation.

  6. Increased training time for sales teams to learn and use multiple tools.

  7. Lack of visibility and insights into sales performance due to fragmented data.

These challenges can hinder sales productivity, decrease efficiency, and negatively impact sales results, leaving you with a frustrated team. Ironically, these are the same challenges teams work to solve for by implementing and purchasing sales tooling. Leadership often overlooks the inefficiencies and lack of enablement in technology, these challenges are viewed as “people problems”. SDRs and AEs are the best source of information and it’s the company's responsibility to ensure they are set up for success. It’s essential to engage team members to identify workflow inefficiencies, confirm adherence to a standard workflow, and analyze the correlation between adoption and success.


A sales stack is a crucial tool for sales teams, enabling them to streamline sales processes, improve efficiency, and drive revenue growth. By carefully considering your sales team's needs and the tools available, you can build the ultimate sales stack that will help your sales team to achieve their goals. The key, however, is maintaining the tools and thoughtfully measuring the impact of the tech stack - a continuous process.

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