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BC Startup Sales Podcast - The 2021 Startup Sales Stack Report

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Michael Brown

February 02, 2022
2021 Sales Stack Report 001

This week, I sat down with Michael Brown, Managing Partner of Bowery Capital, to discuss the 2021 Startup Sales Stack Report.

Here are some themes we dove into (with time stamps):

  • Vendor consolidation with insights from Mark Roberge, former CRO of Hubspot (5:40)
  • Covid's impact on how sales leaders should think through data, coaching, and analytics (12:20)
  • Marketing automation growth (16:40)
  • Prioritizing what tools to get and when as an early stage company (23:00)

This report, in partnership with G2, is meant to serve as a guiding framework for anyone evaluating sales, marketing, customer success or management software solutions. We hope it will also be insightful for any parties interested in learning more about the sales & marketing automation landscapes, from investors to advisers to prospective employees.

We've ranked tools accross different 15 categories from email template builders, sales coaching tools, CRM, marketing automation, sales analytics, and more. We've included recommendations from Wendi Sturgis (Cleverbridge, Yext), Rich Liu (Lattice, TripActions, Mulesoft), Pete Kazanjy (Atrium, author of "Founding Sales") and other market leaders. This year is our sixth edition of the report.

Click here to download the report

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