BC Startup Sales Podcast – Building Your First Revenue Operations Model with Brandon Jones (Komodo Health)

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Building Your First Revenue Operations Model with Brandon Jones (Komodo Health)

October 13, 2020
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Jessica Bernido Director of Talent

In this week’s episode of the Bowery Capital Sales Podcast, we speak with Brandon Jones, Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations at Komodo Health, about “Building Your First Revenue Operations Model.”

These are some of the questions we address in the podcast.

1. Tell us about Komodo Health. What is your role in the company?

2. What is revenue operations and how has the role evolved over the years?

3. For founders in the early stages of their company, at what point would you suggest they look to hire for rev-ops?

4. Before a company gets to the point of hiring a head of rev-ops, what are the preliminary steps they should be taking to lay the groundwork to support the implementation of a team?

5. Once a company has come to the point in which they are ready to build up a rev-ops team, what should be their first steps?

6. What should be the balance between outsourcing rev-ops and keeping a team in-house?

7. Why should rev-ops have a seat at the table?

8. Once a company has a rev-ops system in place and has started to fine-tune their operations, how do they measure success in revenue operations? What metrics or key results should they use for reference?

9. Is there one end-all-be-all approach to rev ops?

Big thank-you to Brandon for coming onto the podcast and giving us some insight into rev-ops.

Brandon Jones currently serves as the Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations for Komodo Health and as an Advisory Board Member at the Pace University – Lubin School of Business. Prior, he worked in venture capital at Insight Partners, advising over 40 of the firm’s high-growth tech companies on revenue acceleration strategies.

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