SaaS MarketingThis week we had Mitch Wainer who was formally with DigitalOcean when we interviewed him for our podcast. He talks about SaaS Marketing for the second edition of something new we’re trying here called Startup Sales Podcasts. The topic of our discussion focused around “How Marketing Drives Success In Your Early Days” and SaaS Marketing and Mitch is one of the best minds on the topic having co-founded DigitalOcean. He’s been the CMO of the company from the beginning and tested, implemented, and succeeded with more new ideas and tooling than we could mention in the podcast. Mitch is also a well known voice in the growth-hacking community and a frequent speaker and contributor on these topics for those that want to browse around the web and find out more.

In our podcast Mitch walks listeners through what DigitalOcean did from a SaaS Marketing standpoint with customers 0 through 50, then 50 through 2000, and finally 2000 and beyond. Mitch talks about the various tools and services the company uses to grow, the unique organization he has built around SaaS Marketing, and how “bear hugging” customers and constant feedback loops have helped them better understand their own brand and positioning in market.

The full transcript can be found here if you want to read.

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