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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Increasing Leads Through Customer Segmentation with David Appel (Sage Intacct)

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Michael Brown

June 25, 2019
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This week we were joined on the podcast by our friend David Appel to talk Increasing Leads Through Customer Segmentation. David is a regular on our show and came on in 2018 to talk through SaaS dashboards and how to build correct metrics for success. This time around, we took the conversation in a different direction and focused on how founders and sales teams can really increase lead volume by doing the basics around customer segmentation. David is currently the Head of the SaaS vertical at Sage Intacct, the No. 1 Cloud Subscription Revenue Management System for growing SaaS companies, and spends his days assisting product, marketing, sales and implementation for the largest vertical in the company. He coaches the concept of increasing leads through micro-vertical customer segmentation and has helped a number of founders through this challenge.

We started the podcast with some foundations and how founders should really think about the podcast. Specifically what they want to get out of customer segmentation. From there, we moved on to when founders need to think about customer segmentation in the company journey. We covered setting the blueprint but David also gave the listeners some great perspective on culture, values systems, and the vision as it relates to increasing leads through customer segmentation. We then discussed set up and implementation of your customer segmentation flows, deliverables, and KPIs to track throughout the journey. Finally, we pulled the lever of how this effort actually increases leads and builds better inbound for any company. David rounded out the discussion talking about what challenges he sees come up when considering customer segmentation.

David Appel is Head of the SaaS vertical at Sage Intacct, where he oversees Product, Marketing, Sales, and Implementation for the Company’s largest vertical. Prior to Sage Intacct, David served as the Head of Direct Sales at, where he grew business by 85% and tripled the team over his 18-month tenure. Previously, he held various sales leadership roles at leading software companies including NetSuite, IBM and Oracle. Having spent over 10 years as a startup sales advisor, David has helped many founders think about their own SaaS dashboards directly.

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