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BC Startup Sales Podcast – Mapping and Selling Into New Markets with Scott Gifis (AdRoll)

May 01, 2018
Scott Gifis 001

This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Scott Gifis, Vice President and Managing Director at AdRoll, to discuss “Mapping and Selling Into New Markets.” On the podcast we discuss different techniques, strategies, and measurements that SaaS companies need to consider before they sell into a new geography, to a new type of buyer, or even as they consider an account-based strategy where they’re selling new products into existing relationships.

In the record business, there’s a saying that “you have all your life to write your first album, and only 18 months to write your second.” Similarly, in SaaS, you have a lot of time to map your first market and product you’re going to sell, but once you’re initially successful and tap out your first segment of a market, you’ll be under pretty quick pressure to find new markets to sell into, or additional products to sell to your existing customers. In today’s podcast, Scott breaks down all the things you need to do, and more importantly perhaps, the things you shouldn’t do, to successfully figure out new markets and buyers you’re approaching. Whether you’re an early stage company going through the repetitions of testing out markets, or a software behemoth figuring out where to go next to maintain blistering growth, there are tips, frameworks, and questions to ask which will guide you in the right direction. We talk about everything from Arm & Hammer’s strategy decades ago, to AdRoll’s account-based sales and marketing strategy today on ways to explore and execute on new markets. If you enjoyed “Mapping and Selling Into New Markets,” learn more below, and make sure to subscribe for a new episode every week!

Scott Gifis is the VP of North America and Managing Director at AdRoll, where he’s seen (and led) massive growth of their sales and products over the past 4 years. Scott also has a few fun facts: he once wanted to be a pro hockey player, and promised his dad that if he would let him play Juniors Hockey, he would get some practical business experience too, which led Scott to join a VC early on and ultimately follow a path into SaaS. Scott also enjoys spending time with his three daughters at home to balance his day-to-day at a rapidly growing company that just moved to a bigger office here in NYC. Next up, we might have to pick Scott’s brain on work-life balance tips!