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BC Startup Sales Podcast - Marketing Attribution with John Fernandez (Glia)

April 10, 2020
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This week we were joined by John Fernandez, SVP Marketing of Glia, to discuss all things marketing attribution.

We start the podcast with the basics of attribution and the distinction between marketing attribution and broader revenue attribution. We discuss why marketing attribution has become such a hot topic in recent years, which is largely due to the vast amounts of data that is now available about how prospects are interacting with your company. Then, we start diving into the nitty gritty. There are a myriad of ways to splice up your marketing attribution model. John walks us through some of the most common models used today with the pros and cons of each. We cover when a startup should think about implementing a model marketing attribution, how to actually go about implementing it, as well as who typically owns this responsibility internally.

We wrap up the podcast discussing some of the common pitfalls when implementing (and analyzing the results of) a marketing attribution model and how to avoid them. John stresses the importance of being mindful of what attribution model you have in place when looking at the data, as your attribution model can cause your results to appear bias to certain areas of your funnel. If you lose sight of this, it’s easy to draw the wrong conclusion from your results.

Lastly, John talks about some of the common internal conflicts that can arise with attribution models and offers tips for individuals and leadership on how to deal with them.

marketing attributionJohn Fernandez is the SVP Marketing at Glia, an enterprise SaaS platform that enables organizations to engage their online visitors in the same way they would engage them in-person. John is an award-winning revenue marketer with two decades of experience at companies like Contently, Diligent Corporation, Jibe, Intralinks, and Accoona. He is a frequent speaker at industry events including Dreamforce, Marketo Summit, and SiriusDecisions Summit, and is an avid chess player.

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